Artist, Deepa Vedpathak : “When the colors take shapes on my canvas, they do not have any limit”


To contemporary Indian artist Deepa Vedpathak, music and painting are not only complementary but inseparable. She listens to music while painting, interpreting notes as colors and melodies as brushstrokes. Her original paintings evoke a rich auditory experience, expanding beyond the visual and physical senses.

Art by Deepa Vedpathak emphasizes color scheme and paint application, depicting men and women playing instruments among swaths of thick acrylic. The subjects and moods recall love songs with lyrics of longing, or of looking to alleviate the pains of the material world through creative expression. In these soulful scenes, sound is translated into a tangible work of art.

When the colors take shapes on my canvas, they do not have any limit,” Deepa Vedpathak says. Her process is both experiential and highly personal, as she believes that painting, much like music, is a method of expressing inner thoughts and emotions. She paints according to this subconscious calling, only finishing a work when she feels satisfied that the right weight and balance have been achieved.

Deepa Vedpathak studied at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. She has shown widely in India as well as in Singapore.

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