Artist, KG Babu : “Today, in the Urban Luxury of a town, I find no joy nor zest that I had experienced in the pristine surroundings of my childhood.”

Source: Housethome

Born amidst the raw beauty of a forest that bordered my home, I lived in great penury throughout my school life. But today, in the urban luxury of a town, I find no joy nor zest that I had experienced in the pristine surroundings of my childhood. I was drawn into the warmth and glory of tribal life, into its pulsating rhythm in my frequent visits and stay in my brothers dwelling in the forest.

I discovered a strong bond between my inner self and the forest. This mesmerizing affinity evolved into an inspiration and illumination in my art, and the forest with its dwellers (adivasis) became an indispensable part of my paintings. Their eyes speak volumes of this reciprocal link between the human and nature, something I have never glimpsed in the urban dwellers. This unique perception of the oneness of self and the universe underscores a refined culture of universal love and harmony.

As a seed sprouts and blooms into a flower transforming the earth into a paradise, so does the primal life move seamlessly into the divinity of Nature and eternal life. This elemental energy palpitating in every nerve of creation, is to me the manifestation of supreme joy and universal love. The closer we move towards Nature, the more are we imbued with Her divine fire and vitality. The trees and their foliage should remind us of our own roots, and our identification with them.

Writers and philosophers like Hamson and Michael Unamuno have sung about the vanishing glory and innocence of Nature, and lamented the cold urbanization of modern life. The inextricable bond between Man and Nature remains the core of our existence. Yet, caught between material pleasure and selfish needs, we are relentlessly racing towards a mighty desolation and void. May my paintings be the mirror to reflect this truth to the world.

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