Artist, Partha Mondal : The Housethome Curated Art Series

Source: Housethome

Partha Mondal resides in Makarampur, Bolpur. He has been living here since his childhood. Partha specializes in making pictures by intricately interweaving copper wires. He has learnt this art form from a neighbouring artisan and has now taken up a creative profession by nurturing his acquired skill. His expertise and his produce are so unique, that Partha, within this short span of his artistic career, has successfully established himself as a distinguished artist of his locality. Partha has been pursuing an artistic career for 10 years now. He has even involved some of his family members in his creative profession.

Together they produce a vast variety of pictures created by interweaving copper wires. The pictures illustrate a wide variety of genres, ranging from idols of gods and goddesses to glimpses of folk culture and many more. Partha’s innovative products are infused with the aesthetic flavor of rural Bengal and serves to be indispensable in the list of ethnic home decor items.

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