A Trip To Kangana Ranaut’s House! Vlog #20

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Right after I saw Tanu Weds Manu Returns I got a chance to interview Kangana Ranaut herself in her house! She was of course incredible and talked about everything from her diet to her various Bollywood characters and what it’s really like in Bollywood! She even answered your 21 Twitter Questions, stay tuned for all that, but for now here’s a sneak peak of our visit!


Have a walk through Sunil Chhetri’s home in Bangalore!

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Known as Captain Fantastic, Sunil Chhetri’s home is his sanctuary nestled away in Bangalore’s most famous pin code – 560001. Play centre forward and invite yourself to possibly the most charming home in Asian Paints Where The Heart Is where India’s humble yet hungry captain takes you on an unforgettable tour of his humble abode.

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A house should depict its inhabitant’s persona, and that is exactly what comes through when one step into this apartment. The client desired a residence that would bind the house with warmth and have an abundance of natural light and air. Ample place to display artifacts collected from their travels was also a requisite. As one enters the house, the ambiance of the house is luxurious and welcoming.

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Don’t we all occasionally crave to get away from the chaos of the city life? This holiday home in Bandstand, Mumbai that looks out to the Arabian sea offers its owners a getaway right in the middle of the city. This was precisely the owners’ brief and also a challenge for the firm since they had to conceptualise the interiors in a way that gave the feeling of a home completely removed from the city.

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Built on a tight 170 sqm plot for a family of four Maison Kochi also functions as studio and office in the South Indian city of Kochi. The west facing building is delineated in 2 volumes, the taller south-west block shading the shorter north-east one throughout the day. Living spaces are arranged in the shorter block while staircases and toilets face south or west to buffer the heat.

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The drive up to the hilltop Montana Estates, just 23 minutes from Kozhikode city centre, presents a winding landscape with several arterial routes. One of which leads straight to the doorstep of celebrated architect Tony Joseph. Everyone in town seems familiar with him and the home he’s lived in for just over a year. (“Oh, Tony sir’s house,” our driver said, not needing the address.)

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How do we describe a home that has a ‘wow’ element in every corner? Lavish would be one way to define it as no cost has been spared to design this home. Tasteful would be another adjective we could use because despite being extravagant there is no semblance of flashiness in this 4BHk house plan. Yet this home is so much more; words, after all, can convey only so much.