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Taking inspiration from the 50s and 60s, our California Armchair is ideal for lounging. Combining classic style and comfort, this armchair features a curved back with added wings and organic arms that lend the design an eye-catchy look. An interesting interplay of rattan and teak wood, add this design to your bedroom or living room corner or entertainment room for a stylish seating option to relax with a good book or when guests are over. 

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We love the design ! Dreamcatchers were made to filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our mind. Women would weave these magical webs for their children. This is a modern version out of wood, to make sure you’ll have a goodnight rest when you hang this Dreamcatcher in your bedroom.

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Metal Globe Chandelier with rivets end will give you a vintage industrial feeling, simple, classic and traditional, well protecting the bulb and maximizes its light.Adjust 4 rings direction to your desired look, when lit it gives off a pretty shadow on the wall due to the sphere cage.  

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ZEN is a cosy, ellipse-shaped fireplace with a beautiful line of fire. Special attention has been paid to the details and the highest quality materials resulted in charming, slim silhouette of the item. Its calming vibe and visually pleasing design encourage people to lose themselves in.

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With the timeless appeal of colonial style and curves from Art Deco, the Malabar Hill Side Table adorns a ‘Minimal-Deco’ look. Steeped in South Bombay style décor, this wooden side table features rounded corners with splayed & tapered metal legs. Double drawers provide concealed storage for anything you want to tuck away; while the tabletop lets you show off framed family photos, lamps and more.

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Urban Ladder mentioned that it would look at investing $10-15 million for its offline retail presence in the next 18 months. Talking about the bullish online furniture market, Ashish Goel mentioned the company is set to become the largest furniture and home decor brand, and with focus on offline retail presence Urban Ladder eyes a growth of 60% y-o-y.

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If you had to choose between sitting in a leather sofa or a cane sofa, which would you pick? Most of us will want to sit on the leather sofa. A lot of us are conditioned to think that expensive materials such as leather, linen or wood make the best and most comfortable furniture.

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A glance at a beautiful planter at your work desk or at a coffee table at your home surely has a power of rejuvenating you, and Leafy Life is all set to redecorate your place. Set up in Koramangala, visiting their store is no less than visiting a meditation centre as the warmth of the plants will undoubtedly pacify your mind and soul.