The 29th | 3 BHK Bangalore Apartment Interior Design | Architecture Saga

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In this bachelor’s pad at Bengaluru, designed by Architecture Saga adheres to the principles of ‘less is more’. This apartment on the 29th floor of a high rise, belongs to the architect himself. The idea of ‘less is more’ is ideal for a bachelor pad and a 2nd home where the family comes over often to visit.


Designing a Dutch-Inspired Residence in Kerala: A Self-Taught Architect’s Journey

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The Dutch-inspired residence in Kerala designed by a self-taught architect who has studied architectural marvels in Sri Lanka would be a project that showcases a unique blend of traditional and modern elements. The exterior of the house could be designed to feature the typical gable roof of Dutch architecture, but with traditional Kerala materials and motifs incorporated into the design.


A beautiful Kochi home created by a couple that reflects India’s many design trajectories

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When you walk through the beautifully self-designed house of Anvitha Pillai, filmmaker-editor and Naveen Yadav, a cinematographer, you know instantly that these folks have done a lot of homework. Their style of living is intentional. Every piece of furniture and accessory is a well-considered item with its own interesting travel itinerary.


This home in New Delhi puts the spotlight on traditional Indian artwork| Remarkable Living

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With a successful career spanning two decades, interior designer Amrita Guha has made a name for her distinct style – blending a raw, almost minimalist aesthetic with the ornate intricacy of many of India’s traditional crafts. This conscious decision to incorporate the work of India’s wide range of craftsmen into this 14,000 sq ft family home means that just about every corner has a story behind it.

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Our clients are a family based in the US and connected with us after seeing some of our past work and resonating with it. They desired a clean modern home but one that brought in facets of their Indian heritage, color and art in a way that was intentional and curated.

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Rickin Shah loves his diamonds. “As a diamantaire, he has a special love for natural and exotic stones,” smiles Namrataa Shetty—interior designer and one half of interior design firm Studio Namah—who, along with the firm’s other half, Neil Cresto, was tapped by Shah to give his Mumbai home a jewel-loving facelift.

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The blue-sky peeps through a thick canopy of trees to gaze at a quiet residence, home to a family of four generations. Nestled in Erode, Tamil Nadu, the abode celebrates imperfection amidst the seemingly perfect tropical landscape. Every element comes together to revel and discover the beauty in their flaws. 


House with a Traditional Chettinad Courtyard Between 2 Trees in Bengaluru : By Technoarchitecture

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Between Two Trees is a three-storey residence adapting to a need for varying levels of privacy. The design language of the home focuses on the fusion between Indian and Balinese architectural styles, while playing with natural materials. One is welcomed into the house by two massive trees that become the entrance gateway to the building.

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It is home to a family of 4; an elderly couple and their two daughters.  They wanted an extremely functional home with an old-school feel yet not too traditional looking.Our clients were looking for a homely space to carry out their individual and family activities comfortably; a simple apartment that was warm and cosy, a space where they could find a sense of calm from the buzz and stress of city life.

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Spread over the second floor and terrace level, the Open-Plan Residence is the resultant of a tryst with Tropical Modernism. Adding much-heightened character to the outdoor terrace are a bespoke red cow sculpture and suspended bronze horse figure alongside furniture by Beruru and The Purple Turtles.


Inside Devika Narain’s Bright & Colourful Home In Mumbai

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Colours, prints, plants, lots of sunlight, animals and a super cute pup is all that makes Devika Narain home, what she calls an Indie-Scandanavian home in the middle of the city of dreams, Mumbai. There’s a hidden gem in every corner of her house and we absolutely love that about this space.