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Home Mandir Organization And Decor | Home Temple Tour Hello Friends, This video is about Home temple organization and décor. Hope you enjoy watching it!


DIY Bathroom Organization & Storage Ideas You’ll Love

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DIY Bathroom Organization & Storage Ideas You’ll Love. You spend a lot of your life in the bathroom. So why not turn it into an oasis of organization and smart storage? Whether you’re arranging a spacious master bathroom or looking for ideas for small bathrooms, you can achieve an elegant bathroom today with these easy organization tips and DIY storage hacks!

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Hello Friends! In this video I have shown how to organize a small Indian closet/almirah. A lot of us struggle to keep everything in one single closet due to space constraint and it becomes a challenge to keep it organised and functional on everyday basis. But with few simple ideas you can make your space not only organised but beautiful too.

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From one trip to the grocery store to a party of leftovers, the refrigerator can easily become the most overstuffed space in the house. Sara Lynn shares simple tips, tricks and shortcuts designed to keep food fresh and your fridge organized.

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I’ve been organizing in small spaces for a long time. I know how to maximize the space and organize well when there isn’t a lot of square footage to go around. I’d like to share some tips on how we organized our small 725ft city apartment! Do you guys have any other tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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Check out JENNY MUSTARD’s video & be sure to show some love and subscribe: Cleaning, decluttering and getting rid of things is simple when it becomes a habit. These 5 tips will show you just how easy it can be 😉

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Everyone can use extra storage space. Especially, in a small bathroom. In this video, I will be sharing how you can make the most out of your space using a Ladder Shelf to store your bathroom essentials in a stylish way.

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Every time I opened my wardrobe I felt guilty,” says Shobhana Gujadhar, 43, a Ghaziabad-based digital consultant. There were over 50 beautiful and expensive sarees that she hadn’t worn for years. And it wasn’t just the sarees. Like a hoarder, she had collected a mountain of things over the years.

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Storing all our numerous belongings is always a big problem especially, when it’s not enough space. However, today we prepared for you a whole collection of brand new ideas on storing different objects with comfort (and without buying any expensive things).


KonMari your life using a checklist of 150 things you can declutter in 15 minutes~or less! Everyone can find 15 minutes a day to invest in decluttering and organising their house & life. Print the list, or make your own. Pick your task. Set a timer. And get decluttering!

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Hello friends, in this video I have shared few tips and hacks to save time on daily organizing and cleaning, especially for busy people and working moms. It makes sense to find ways to make those everyday tasks quicker and easier. To help you along the way, in this video, I’ve put together my 15 tips and hacks which can save lot of your time and energy.

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in this video I have shown how to organize your wardrobe in a way that you can effectively utilize its space. I have used different organizers and clothes folding tips to achieve the same.