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Giving life to the dying art forms of India is a retail therapy outlet located in one of Bangalore’s oldest regions-Jayanagar! They believe in up cycling the old, disposed artifacts striving to spread awareness about diverse Indian cultures. Art speaks of the ethnicity of an area and at ‘Go Native’ a conscious effort is made to support local artists by giving them sufficient shelf space to showcase their art works.

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Urban Ladder mentioned that it would look at investing $10-15 million for its offline retail presence in the next 18 months. Talking about the bullish online furniture market, Ashish Goel mentioned the company is set to become the largest furniture and home decor brand, and with focus on offline retail presence Urban Ladder eyes a growth of 60% y-o-y.

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A glance at a beautiful planter at your work desk or at a coffee table at your home surely has a power of rejuvenating you, and Leafy Life is all set to redecorate your place. Set up in Koramangala, visiting their store is no less than visiting a meditation centre as the warmth of the plants will undoubtedly pacify your mind and soul.

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After making waves with their flagship outlet in Hyderabad, Swedish furniture brand IKEA has announced its entry into the city of Bengaluru. Set to open in the summer of 2020, the company plans to invest close to ₹1,000 crores for the 500,000-square-foot project — a whole 100,000-square-foot bigger than the Hyderabad store, which opened on August 9. 

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A perfect lighting can alter the whole look of a place and lift up your mood from gloomy to a happy one. The Purple Turtles is one place where you can find a plethora of lighting solutions and home décor accessories. With stores in Indiranagar, Richmond Road, Jayanagar, you’ll fall in love with the items displayed and will surely pick up something alluring for your home.