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PepperFry Noodle containers (By the way, I don’t like Pepperfry for their return policies. They don’t accept a return if there is no defect and you simply did not like what you received, I can’t change them, so I stopped using them this was bought long time ago) :


22 Great Tips & Habits : Get that Clean and Organized Kitchen now !

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In this video, I am sharing few habits to keep your kitchen sparkling clean and organised. Some of you must be already following these routines. These tips are not any hidden secrets but daily cleaning habits which I follow with discipline.

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This video is about kitchen declutter tips and ideas. I have shared 10 easy and simple mindful tips or steps to declutter your kitchen. These decluttering tips are mindful and will be helpful to declutter your kitchen without getting overwhelmed.

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10 New Kitchen Organization Ideas | Space Saving Ideas | Simplify Your Space In this video, I have shared 10 new kitchen organization ideas which help in maximizing the space and can make your kitchen super organized.

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This video is all about how you can store your vegetables for longer period of time. Chopping and storing vegetables will help working women save time and also for home maker can spend more time as this way preparing meals becomes easy.


These robotic arms put a five-star chef in your kitchen

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Moley Robotics is developing robotic arms that can cook recipes the way the chef intended. Using motion-capture technology, the Moley Kitchen can mimic the movements of famous chefs, allowing users to download recipes the same way you download music.

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In today’s video I am sharing with you 5 amazing kitchen organization Ideas and Kitchen Organization products which will help you to create more space in your kitchen as well as your kitchen will look neat and clean.

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Pantry Organization Tips and Hacks that originated from the challenges I faced from my previous extreme pantry organization. Hope you find some of these Pantry tips and hacks useful. Thanks for watching.

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Don’t miss your special moments with LG New Door-in-Door™ Refrigerator. Going beyond just keeping your food fresh. LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator revolutionizes your kitchen life with New Door-in-Door™.

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There is something entirely refreshing and life-giving about a clean, uncluttered kitchen counter. In fact, it is one of my favorite benefits of a minimalist lifestyle. It sets tone and culture for the home. It communicates calm and order.

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Creating a great looking and functional kitchen in a small space can be a challenge. Scott explains how it can be done with the right layout and the right products.


Corner kitchen with accessories from Blum

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In this video, you will see what trends will be in the design of the kitchen in 2018. The basis for the video was the exhibition EuroCucina, which was part of the Salone del Mobile Milano 2018.