Four Seasons Bali at Sayan

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Discover Bali’s cultural heartland at Four Seasons Bali at Sayan. The area around the town of Ubud – just 15 minutes from the Resort – is filled with activities for couples and families. The temperature here in the highlands is slightly cooler than on the coast, making it more comfortable to explore.

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Shutterstock recently released a report that revealed the top three trending colours, as well as local favourites around the globe. And if there’s one thing we believe, it’s that life must be lived in colour! So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to keep up with the latest trends and channel these intensely vivid hues in your life. We have the lowdown on some truly gorgeous shades that are catching the world’s fancy right now, and some cool tips on how you can infuse them in your life, so read on!


Quiet is Peace! Listen to the Silence…It has so much to Offer


Ethnic India meets Contemporary!



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Hi guys! I finally completed my room and I am so proud of it! Here is the tour of my small but cute house. Yes, MY HOUSE, मेरा घर. Still cannot believe it. I am trying to deal with the adulting game. Hope you guys like the video! A huge thanks to AA Living ( and Fourwalls ( for the lovely decor!

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John Home Tour : John Abraham’s Penthouse Home In Mumbai !

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Bollywood actor John Abraham embraced the idea with this luxurious apartment project. His brother Alan, an architect with Abraham John Architects, undertook the logistically challenging but ultimately stunning project of combining two older apartments in the city into one modern, spacious two level apartment and terrace.

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When decorating your home, the options can be overwhelming — specifically when you’re reading tips, tricks, and suggestions from various sources while simultaneously trying to figure out your own needs and tastes. And while considering options of what you could try in terms of decor might be useful as you start shopping for furniture and accessories, it could be just as beneficial to weigh in what not to do.