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PepperFry Noodle containers (By the way, I don’t like Pepperfry for their return policies. They don’t accept a return if there is no defect and you simply did not like what you received, I can’t change them, so I stopped using them this was bought long time ago) :

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Hi! This list of INCREDIBLE Space Saving Furniture and Murphy Bed Compilation that we’ve collected will show you how much space a well-designed home product or piece of furniture can save you.

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heya.. sharing this bathroom organisation videos. I hope this video will help u in organising your bathroom too. if u like it pls like this video, share with your friends and family and subscribe to my channel.

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In an ideal situation, we would all have infinite space and resources to make our spaces feel like home. But we sometimes find ourselves in smaller spaces than we may have planned in our younger (and oh-so naive) years. It can be easy to feel a bit discouraged trying to decorate and organize when you feel like you don’t have much to work with.

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Vivian and Dominic met while studying in England and now share a one bedroom one bathroom apartment in San Francisco. But they have found it challenging to have both of their lives in one small space that serves many functions, they feel it’s time to reclaim their home.

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It’s tiny. It’s smart. It’s stylish and modern. It’s the Smarter Home Life tiny smart home! This is your all-access ticket to see what life is like in a tiny home that has sophisticated, yet practical home automation technologies.


20 Space Saving Expandable Transforming Dining Tables

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I’ve been organizing in small spaces for a long time. I know how to maximize the space and organize well when there isn’t a lot of square footage to go around. I’d like to share some tips on how we organized our small 725ft city apartment! Do you guys have any other tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!