The “House of Weaves”, Mumbai : A multigenerational family home by QUIRK Studio

Source: Housethome

Located in Mumbai’s plush residential and business hub – BKC, the “House of Weaves” is a three-generational family home that presents itself as a tapestry of emotions and a grounded ethos that stems from the identity of its inhabitants.

The client brief to Mumbai based Interior Design Firm, QUIRK Studio was as coherent as they come. The home needed to reflect the family’s aura and hold up a mirror to their way of being with sincerity. Timeless Mid-Century Modern sensibilities cross paths with neoteric to strike an equilibrium. The family and their amicable mien tugged at the strings of inspiration for the Principal Designers.

Materiality dons an intrinsic role, dabbling in an intentional juxtaposition of finishes that manifest in versatile forms across the home. Leitmotifs of wood, marble, classic moulding details and hue accents in textured upholstery create a connective palette in residence without overwhelming the beholder. With the House of Weaves, the concept of a ‘home’ is viewed from a renewed lens — the place is an echo through time that brims with colour, texture, art, and stories that come uncorked.

Photo Credits, Kuber Shah



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