An elegant, 1,890 sqft, 3bhk Surat Home, by Muse Architects

Source: Housethome

Away from the bustling chaos of a city, this quaint 3 BHK home is on the urban fringe of the diamond city amidst enchanting landscapes and natural hues. The neat and serene spaces were the confluence of the design narrative. The aim was to achieve materiality with a minimalistic approach. Wood is a versatile material irrespective of its shade and pattern which helps to transform a piece into timeless, classic art. This space is a depiction of a modern, functional warm space with minimum furniture pieces. Home is where the edge of the world resides, keeping the warmth of home in mind the principal designer of  Muse Architects (Urvi Mistry) decided to keep the neutral colour palette and materials as the core design goal.

The living area aesthetic is due to its bare minimal theme and enchanting voids within the furniture pieces. The bespoke customised metal shelf accompanied by a wooden trunk is part of the design to inculcate the souvenirs around the world. The grey tones diffusing all over the space with the natural hues of wood play a key role in maintaining the harmony of the space. The dining area includes similar tones with a clutter-free layout and clean finishes.

The master bedroom has also imbibed a similar theme with meticulous details of furniture. The mirror here works as a piece of aesthetic that breaks the geometrical barriers and the flow of defined lines in the space. The other bedroom is designed to keep the future perspective and changes in the family pattern in upcoming years. The play of white and blue is rooted in a colour palette as a future kids room. Similar to the other room the arched shape shelf breaks the rigid geometrical play depicting the fluxional nature of the kid. 

The guest room has a biophilic enchanting theme to keep the warmth of the natural environment that surrounds the home. Simple yet alluring design & colours coexist and make the space a warm and humble abode.

Design Firm : Muse Architects

Curated by : Drashti Patel

Photo Credits : Nilkanth Bharucha



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