Excellent and Personalized services. They really took efforts to get me the right kind of services for my home interiors.

Varsha Saxena Avatar Varsha Saxena
January 27, 2023

Very happy that I got in touch with Nalini, Housethome to help me to procure lot of stuffs for our new home in Dubai, Nalini read my mind with absolute perfection, and suggested according to my Interests, she coordinated starting to end with complete full support, she ensure the best quality of service throughout and identifying the right people and engaging them, she is very proactive, passionate and keen eye for detailing leaves you amazed as to how things can be arranged/ worked which made our life soo easy..thank you soo much Nalini Loads of love Priya Hari

tuhin 12 Avatar tuhin 12
December 15, 2022

I had ordered a painting by Sujata Achrekar and Nalini took so much care to ensure that I pick what I like. Before zeroing on what I wanted to buy, she showed me multiple options and helped me decide. She takes personal care and interest to ensure customer satisfaction. I also picked a Tanjore painting from HTH Decor. They are very transparent, timely and authentic

Radhika Balakrishnan Avatar Radhika Balakrishnan
December 9, 2022

Housethome - Excellent Service !!! It has been a pleasure to deal with Nalini, every request was entertained and explained. I availed for house personal Shopper service. I was taken to various stores in Bangalore to get an idea for my entire living room and dinning room. With Nalini’s assistance, I managed to complete my shopping requirements. I would highly recommend them for any service under home design. Thank You Nalini and her Team.

surabhi soni Avatar surabhi soni
November 27, 2022

Hey Nalini, for being so receptive and involved. Loved your attitude to help in every capacity you could. I want to thank you for introducing Interwood for our kitchen design. We have gone ahead with them. Their designer Lalitha is simply superb. I love the new perspective they have given to our kitchen design. So involved and practical and keeping all along the aesthetics in mind... thankyou so much again...😊

Shilpa Anoop Avatar Shilpa Anoop
November 11, 2022

I recently reached out to Housethome for a specialised and exclusive gifting requirement. Received options in a matter of hours and the piece I chose came beautifully and sturdily packed with a special note. The artisan work on the piece was exquisite to say the least. I am surely going back to them for all good things home.

Kanchan Gupta Avatar Kanchan Gupta
August 17, 2022

Nalini was instrumental in us finding our dream piece, through her patient and professional interaction and excellent service. It was a pleasant first experience as an entry into the art world. Every request was entertained and explained, and i look forward to working with Housethome in future!

Siddharth Achaya Avatar Siddharth Achaya
August 12, 2022

I recently used the services of the Housethome team to look for designers for our new home. Right from the get go,Nalini ensured that she sat down to understand our requirements, budget and aesthetics. Based on a detailed conversation, she gave us a list of designers to choose from, including sharing their pages for us to get an idea of their work. She helps a layman understand basic terminologies and concepts which one may be unaware of and this helps in getting a better understanding of the interior designing world, thus until urn helping the customer select the best fit for them. Apart from this, the team also does a fabulous job of recommending places for getting soft furnishings for the home and also procuring art work specific to ones requirements. I highly recommend Housethome to anyone who's looking to get their house renovated and done up for end to end solutions.

Neethi Vignesh Avatar Neethi Vignesh
August 8, 2022

Very helpful team to help you connect with the best designers for anything to do with your house renovation

Anant Mundra Avatar Anant Mundra
May 31, 2022

I happened to come across Housethome and connected with Nalini for customised wall paper requirements. She personally came home to have an idea of my home and requirements and to understand my budget. Nalini facilitated the wall paper project with tge artist, architect and myself. Further I also availed for House those personal Shopper service. I was taken to various stores in Bangalore to get an idea for my entire living room furniture and with their expert assistance, I managed to simlessly complete my shopping requirements. I have had a great experience with them and am very thankful for their help sincere effort to address my requirements. I would highly recommend them for any service under home design.

Sujithra Suresh Avatar Sujithra Suresh
May 1, 2022

Was searching for an interior designer for my 3 bhk in Mumbai who would do a traditional warm house for me. Nalini took an extra effort to handle all my queries and find one designer satisfying all my requirements within my budget. Very happy with the service. Thankyou very much.

ashwini watve Avatar ashwini watve
April 23, 2022

It was a random thought of getting in touch with Mrs.Nalini of HouseTHome , never ever I thought we would know a reference from them , it was a very casual enquiry and they gave us a good contact and reference to a good architect who covered all our requirements! It’s still a dream come true moment . If not because of them it would have not been possible. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

kaushigha ramkumaar Avatar kaushigha ramkumaar
April 14, 2022

Nalini is a super star!!!. I wanted a Sai baba idol on an urgent basis and she made sure baba arrived to my house much before the targeted date with a great packaging. Really appreciate her professionalism. Would definitely recommend. Many thanks again and will continue to collaborate with you.

Hamsika ChandraMouli Avatar Hamsika ChandraMouli
April 11, 2022

Was searching for an interior designer for my 3 bhk in Mumbai who would do a traditional warm house for me. Nalini took an extra effort to handle all my queries and find one designer satisfying all my requirements within my budget. Very happy with the service. Thankyou very much.

ashwini watve Avatar ashwini watve
March 29, 2022

My experience with Housethome – Ms. Nalini Bharggav has been very patient & extremely helpful. I first saw their Instagram handle which is very well curated. I have emulated lots of ideas from Housethome Instagram handle while making my new home. I got connected with Nalini Bharggav and she patiently helped me with my new home interior products. I have purchased a beautiful Three face wooden bust from her which is an absolute stunning & statement piece. Not only is it value for money, but something which is so unique and not available anywhere in the market. Its been a great experience to deal with Nalini. Her passion is infectious and brings out creativity. She has a become a dear friend and we are glad to have been associated with Housethome.

Malini garg Avatar Malini garg
February 23, 2022

We were planning to renovate our houses in Singapore and Chennai, but we were struggling to find a team that aligned with our desired creative direction. We then got in touch with Nalini from Housethome for advice. They were diligent in spending time with us to understand our requirements for our renovation and art works.Housethome was a breath of fresh air - they patiently guided our creative views without pushing their own agenda and designs. The firms suggested to us by Housethome were professional, transparent and open to discussion. We are very grateful to Housethome for their stewardship through our renovations.

Venky Srinivasan Avatar Venky Srinivasan
December 30, 2021

It has been a pleasure to deal with Nalini & her team at Housethome.com. They are always very professional, and thoroughly understand their client requirements which is communicated very clearly. We have enjoyed working with Housethome in offering my art works to their clients, and I look forward to a long term association with them. -kappari kishan

Kishan Kappari Avatar Kishan Kappari
November 23, 2021

I bought a brass swing (just the chains without the wooden plank) with 4 elephants on the links. I simply loved it and more importantly, I was very happy with Housethome for coordinating the shipping and making sure of the quality. I would definitely recommend it. Thanks a lot, Nalini!

Mamta Jotkar Avatar Mamta Jotkar
November 18, 2021

I just purchased a Ganesha painting from Housethome. Nalini from Housethome worked with me to identify a beautiful piece to go well with the style / decor of my house. She coordinated with the original artist, commissioned the work, provided the dimensions to make it fit perfectly in the niche on our wall, reviewed it for quality and mailed it to me in the US by working through all the customs procedures. The workmanship of the piece is very intricate and excellent. We have been receiving many compliments on the beautiful painting. I had been looking for a Ganesha painting for a few years now and Nalini helped us find the perfect one. The entire experience of interacting with Housethome was very convenient and professional.

Susmitha Kakumani Avatar Susmitha Kakumani
September 17, 2021

We have been following Housethome on Insta for last one year. Loved the houses and design ideas they show daily. When we were looking for a Interior Decorator for our new home, we contacted them. The team was very helpful, and understood our requirements in details and gave us 4 options out of which we found one we liked and went with it. I found Nalini and her team very professional and proactive, and they have saved us a lot of time too, apart from going out of the way to help us out. Thank you Housethome. Wish you all the best, and we will defintiely shop for some art also with you shortly. Best Regards, Neeraj, Pune

Neeraj Nair Avatar Neeraj Nair
July 1, 2021

I bought 3 tangkha paintings. The paintings were beautifully done. The staff was very helpful and responsive. The paintings arrived meticulously packed and in perfect state.

Monalisa Mahanta Avatar Monalisa Mahanta
June 12, 2021

Nalini was very helpful and with her efforts we were able to choose our painting easily according to our budget and size and the form of painting.thanks Nalini

resmi sunish Avatar resmi sunish
February 11, 2021

I just purchased a Shiva bust statue from Housethome. The workmanship of the piece is superb. The design of the piece was so unique. Have not seen anything like this before. This made me want to buy it. Packaging was meticulously done and piece reached me in Bombay in perfect form. The entire experience of interacting with Housethome was very smooth and professional.

Nithya Sundaresan Avatar Nithya Sundaresan
January 19, 2021

We had requested a Buddha eye mandala from Housethome Decor & Designs after seeing their collections on Instagram. Nalini Bharggav responded promptly with several helpful suggestions, images and videos and framing options to enable us to make the right choice. She went out of her way to keep us informed of the stages of preparation of our painting and sent us a video of the mandala being blessed by Buddhist priests. She not only got the mandala couriered but tracked the package on our behalf all the way until it reached us. Opening the package was a delightful experience. She had included a personal note along with the mandala! Among the professionalism was a very warm and personal touch. Thank you Nalini and team. We'll surely be back for more products from you. Till then, we wish you and your enterprise all the very best.

Uma Annamraju Avatar Uma Annamraju
December 30, 2020

I engaged Housethome to advice me on picking up a few art works for my home in Mumbai. Nalini was very helpful, and went out of her way to advice on what best art works and artists I should look at, and she thoroughly understood our requirements, tastes and then curated the right works for us. I picked up 2 lovely art works of Artists Deepali Mundra & Lakhan Singh Jat from Housethome, and will definitely recommend their art curation services to my friends and colleagues, looking to purchase Indian Art works. Hence sharing my experience

archana bajpai Avatar archana bajpai
November 26, 2020

Thank you you very much team Housethome. It was a pleasure picking up my art piece from your beautiful collection of curated art. A beautiful platform for artists and interior designers. Looking forward to coming back to you again ❤️❤️❤️.

Veshali K Avatar Veshali K
November 26, 2020

A big thank you to Nalini Bharggav and her team at Housethome Decor for being so quick in responding to my enquiry on Instagram and delivering the item well before time with utmost care. Nalini came across as a very warm person and was patient enough to answer my questions. Thank you for such a lovely gift and making this Diwali Special. As I am away from home, this was special. Wish you and your team a very Happy and prosperous Diwali.

Anubhav Kapoor Avatar Anubhav Kapoor
November 26, 2020

I recently purchased 2 artworks from Ms. Nalini of Housethome after viewing one of their post on Instagram - I was so impressed by the artwork that I decided to visit their website to explore more and it was genuinely a wonderful experience in viewing the huge and varied catalog of artists that they work with and their works.

Since this was the first time i was purchasing from them, there is always a slight apprehension considering the anonymous nature of social media and the financial transaction to said entity.

A few minutes on a phone call with Ms. Nalini soon allayed my fears - my requests for the dimensions, canvas type, the year of the paintings, frame choices, hi-resolution photos of the artworks and the price were immediately responded to along with her individual perspective on things including the type and colour of frames that would go well with the painting.

Ms. Nalini from HouseThome is professional, honest and expresses a genuine interest to cater to the needs of a customer - her experience, love for art and keen eye for details evolved over two decades in the world of art and home décor shone through and helped me immensely in choosing the right frame colour and style.

Ms. Nalini was very responsive and constantly kept me updated on the status of my order and shipment - the entire process from inquiry to delivery of the artworks was extremely quick and at no point did it feel like you were communicating with a business entity but rather with a fellow art aficionado.

I would definitely approach Ms. Nalini from Housethome once again in the near future for all my art purchases and would highly recommend Housethome to anyone who are looking for art or decor specialist.

FEBRUARY 24,2023