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Traditional Kerala homes are rich in memories; of the long-forgotten smell of the first rain, the sound of raindrops falling in the courtyard, people sitting and conversing around it, the feeling of the warmth of mud walls and wood, the coziness of spaces; one may find him or herself drifting into their nostalgic memories of yesteryears every once in a while.


The bungalow built on a 45 feet × 70 feet property in Sangli consists of a ground floor that houses the office of the architect, and two residential floors above it. Keeping in mind the site dimensions and hot and dry climatic conditions of the region, the house is designed on a rectangular grid with internal as well as external landscape patches. 

Source: arch diaries

Chirantan –  The House in Faliya, designed by AANGAN Architects, creates a balance between the traditional lifestyle of the user as well as their modern aspirations. The house brings an ample amount of light through the linear court positioned on the north side where it shares a common wall with the adjacent house.


It’s easy to forget that this home is in the heart of hot and humid Chennai. Down a little cul-de-sac off a busy thoroughfare, the house sits between two other buildings amidst a thicket of trees. You’d imagine it would be dingy—instead, it feels almost radiant.


Coffee table books aren’t just for inspiration and information (although they’re good at it) — they also add a finishing touch to the room. Books with particularly striking front covers provide points of interest, and they even make interesting conversation starters.


The idea was to design in such a way that CONCRETE has an impact. This project involved creating a simple, functional home for a small entrepreneurial family with an appreciable creative streak. The client runs a thriving business, but is also an enthusiastic poet, while his son is an avid wildlife photographer.


Inside a Breathtaking Kerala House with Straight Line Designs

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The HANNIEL is a modern contemporary residence located in Varapuzha, Kerala, covering an area of 9,200 square feet on a plot size of 23 cents. It showcases an interplay of space and form, harmonising with its unique context. The architecture emphasises understated elegance, allowing the surroundings to breathe.


If art could speak, we would possibly get to hear some of the most passionate sagas of possessed artists and possessive art owners. When we hear art owners narrate how they acquired the work they fell in love with, we not only begin to see the art through their eyes but also begin to share their agony and ecstasy.


This home is nestled in the heart of the defence colony, New Delhi, a canvas of memories, a sanctuary of culture, and a reflection of worldly experiences. A well-travelled and art-loving couple owns a residence that transcends mere living space, this home serves as their private haven, where they reconnect with their Indian roots amidst their globe-trotting adventures.


Compact in real estate but high in efficient design is how one would describe this 540-square-foot apartment in Bangalore. Complying with the homeowner’s requirements, Muzamil Hasham and Pooja Ram, at Design Boulevard, set out to create a fluid space, open to interpretation and full of elegance and modernity.

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The Home of an Urban Nomad in Noida, a penthouse previously, has undergone a major renovation. To meet the family’s needs and preferences, the entire space underwent extensive civil work with a change in layout. Walls were relocated and bathrooms were repositioned.


Converted to a three-bedroom apartment from a four-bedroom, this refreshingly aesthetic home designed by Shrutika Raut, founder of SRDS is a design anomaly. Sprawled across 1,700sqft, this Pune residence is extremely well endowed with ample natural light.


The idea of “home” has both material and emotional layers. It is indeed true that you need a physical object to place emotion, even if walls can’t make up for it. So, what about the rental house? On one hand, it is supposed to be a personal space, but on the other, it is not legally yours to use anyway you like.