A 200 sqft, Studio Apartment, Ambernath by Dandelion Sky Interiors

Source: Housethome

A common constraint in urban living today is space. As housing prices climb steadily upward, apartments are undeniably shrinking. Solutions to this are generally scarce, but a keen eye for design can be a saving grace. With the renovation project at Nano Estates in Ambernath, Dandelion Sky Interiors exactly how it’s done.

The team at Dandelion Sky were given the task of transforming a barebones 200 Sq.Ft. Studio Apartment into an aesthetically attractive, functional home. The outcome – a sleek, modern and minimalistic 1 BHK Apartment, fashioned into the perfect ‘𝘍𝘪𝘳𝘴𝘵 𝘏𝘰𝘮𝘦’ for a young family.

This 200 Sq.Ft. space has been efficiently planned to maximize the utilization of space, thus accommodating all the requirements of a small, nuclear family. The design manages to make room for everything in a typical 400 Sq.Ft. Apartment, but in just half the space, still retaining an open, airy ambiance through its smart use of color, furniture and finishes. The sprightly, new apartment derives depth of character through its Scandinavian theme and walls adorned with cleverly considered artwork. Gentle hues like Green Icicle and Spring Meadow extend from the walls to the furniture ensuring that color blocking techniques declutter the mood of the space.
Design Firm : Dandelion Sky Interiors
Styling Credits : Ronson Pereira
Text Credits : Thought Mechanics
Photo Credits : Aarshad Backer



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