A Cosy, 1,950 sqft, 5bhk Home, Navelim, Goa, by Enid Viola Aguiar

Source: Housethome

This home is tucked away in a beautiful village in south Goa named Navelim. Goa is known for its rich Portuguese heritage and architecture. Hence the clients main requirement was to preserve this feature as well incorporate modern amenities. The total built up area is 195sqmts, G+1 and it is a 5bhk bungalow which was reconstructed by demolishing the existing old structure. We have refurbished and redesigned the furniture and used it to compliment is new theme of the home. The old wooden doors and windows have also all been reused in the wood staircase. Unlike the usual RCC Roof slab we have done a fabricated mangalore tiled roofing which is design and detailed to avoid any sorts of leakages or heat issues. The entire house is also powered on solar panels” shares Freelance Engineer Enid Viola Aguiar with the #Housethome Team.

Photography Credits : Picx Medias



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