An Elegant & Spacious, 3Bhk, Mumbai Home, by AUK Design Studio

Source: Housethome

Doing this project for a client who brought us on board for a second time over after a decade of doing his first apartment, made us more humble than proud. The Design approach or the thought process was to allow the simple amalgamation of volumes to flow well with one another seamlessly (without any visual hindrances), and to view every detail worked up without being overshadowed with openable shutters. That’s exactly the reason why one would not find any.

The idea of concealing all room closures allowed this seamless movement desired by a family of four. An original floor plate of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms was taken down to three and three respectively. Absorbing these opened up areas into a lavish kitchen, a spacious lounge & study adjacent to the master suite, sit outs, storage closets etc made the floor plan open up to a wide array of optimally functional yet visually intricate spaces with an abundance of textured white walls, grey & brass accents coupled with dark wood floor and a warm brick facade palate.” shares Design Firm, AUK Design Studio, with the Housethome Team.

Photography Credits : Prashant Bhatt



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