The Housethome curated “Jhula Collection”

Source: Housethome

Jhulas are a symbol of our carefree childhood, and they also remind us of festivals like Teej or scenes from Hindi movies where peacocks dance and carefree girls giggle as they swing back and forth to mark the beginning of the rainy season. They hold a greater significance in our culture than we actually give them credit – jhulas are and can be used practically in any part of the house.

How about integrating this wonderful traditional element into your urban home? By its nature, it is guaranteed to bring you relaxation and a sense of calm in days filled with chaos and stress. Here are some ways in which you can integrate the new age jhula into your space.

Housethome collaborates with some outstanding manufacturers of Jhulas across India, and we will be happy to get a customised one for your Home, basis your requirements and specifications. Feel free to browse through some ideas below, and feel free to connect with us on 9118115511 for further assistance with your requirement.



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