Artist, B Kumaraswamy : “My works depicts mainly on women and nature.”

Source: Housethome

Born in 1973 in Telangana, Kumaraswamy completed his BFA from J N T University, Hyderabad. The artist uses stylized women figures, animals and birds in his paintings with natural forms like trees and leaves to show that nature is beautiful because it is alive. He juxtaposes fluttering birds, animals, blooming trees, full moon and sun, all that may embody beauty with these recurring elements, he recreates a fantastic domicile for the marvelous entities to dwell in. His scheme of colour is simple yet vibrant and the application, with mean dry brush strokes, is exuberant creating highlights and depth. His ideas revolve around nature’s enchanting beauty and its relationship with its surroundings. Kumaraswamy has participated in many group shows in Hyderabad, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, and New Delhi. He has also shown internationally in New York, USA. My works depicts mainly on women and nature. Women have long been associated with nature – metaphorically, as in ‘Mother Earth‘, these words inspires me to choose on and my work generally goes with the combination of flowers, motifs, sun, butterflies and elephants as nature.

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