Artist, Yograj Verma : “I paint the spirit and soul of what I see” shares this Artist, who indulges in oil paintings displaying muddy reds and scintillating blues.

Source: Housethome

On the path of self discovery, Yograj Verma, A renowned artist from Delhi believes that painting is a form of enchanted power to decode divinity and redefine cosmic power of the universe. He paints with the heart and builds with the mind.

Yograj Verma is a born artist. His work is actually his fuel for life and that shows in his paintings too. Dedication, devotion and dexterity are the 3Ds he is known for. His painting exhibitions showcase his vast variety of work. He uses various textures and techniques to paint exotic art pieces. This versatile artist has worked with many leading advertising agencies of India. Over the period of time, he has carved his niche in the industry of canvas and colours.

Yograj Verma’s paintings showcase his inclination towards paint and strokes. Conceptualized on mythology, his paintings shows an end Cavour to bring out the different forms of the omnipresent. From energetic Ganesha series that exhibits warmth and spiritual vibrations, Yograj Verma has a talent to show straight from heart art. Flamboyant colors in the paintings explicit the royal embassy of the mighty. The Vishnu and Krishna paintings have peculiar presentation of imbibing control over power. The successful accomplishment of his painting exhibitions shows Yograj Verma has a long way to go…

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