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The Kitchen is regarded as one of the most important room for health, wealth and happiness, in vastu shastra. Kitchen is a place where your day begins and ends. It’s where the food is cooked. But, the kitchen is even more important as per vastu. Kitchen


How Does A Good Feng Shui House Look Like? Easy Feng Shui Tips To Implement Now.

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At its core, Feng Shui is all about harnessing the flow of energy in your environment. If you think that you need extensive knowledge in the subject in order for you to practice Feng Shui, guess again. Authentic Feng Shui is actually quite simple and practical.

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Looking to feng shui your apartment since you can’t technically remodel it? Bringing peace and positive energy into your home doesn’t necessarily require knocking down walls. Whether you’re a deep believer in the Eastern philosophies of feng shui or simply want to redecorate your apartment, there are simple tips and tricks you can practice to improve the energy of your space without sacrificing your security deposit.

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Feng Shui Bedroom Rules are daunting if you read the many lists of do’s and don’ts, but only several of those feng shui “rules” apply across the boards to everyone.  Each of you will need a little something special tweaked in your bedroom to make it truly shine for you in a feng shui sense, but eliminating a few less-than-optimal situations can get you on the right path.

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If your home office is cluttered and demotivating, it can affect your performance and leave you feeling drained and negative. Maintaining a calm and serene office is key and can be achieved by following the principles of Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophical system based on spatial harmony.

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We often hear about Zen in interior design and the concept always makes us think about the overall feeling of calm, tranquility and relaxation but we rarely have a clue about how that ambiance is created. If you want a space like your bedroom for example to be zen then you need some ideas to connect to.


Are Toilets Bad Feng Shui?

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Perhaps you worry about not being able to retain your wealth because a toilet is located in your home’s wealth corner. You may have asked yourself the question, “Are toilets bad feng shui?”. You probably keep the lid closed at all times, but how do you activate your wealth corner if a toilet is there?