Gorgeous Singapore Home, Living Room Makeover by Prakalyam Gallery

Source: Housethome

Venky and Ramya wanted to give a new life to the living and dining room and their request was to retain the Oriental Furniture. However, it did not have to look Oriental. The presence of different elements had to be tied in to create a harmonious look. The request for an “Oonjal ” (swing) was also fulfilled and the shades of the upholstery was added to balance the different styles of furniture.

The Oriental lamp was given the red ikkat shade to compliment the look. The Thangka was the final stroke to put it all in place which just brightened up the space. It was a painting that was especially commissioned for the project and executed by the Housethome team. I take this opportunity to thank Venky, Ramya and the Housetohome team for this beautiful experience and lovely journey!” shares Veshali Visvanaath, Interior Designer & Founder of Singapore based Prakalyam Gallery
Design Firm & Photography Credits : Prakalyam Gallery

Art Work by Housethome



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