Ooty : “A Gorgeous, Country Cottage Style Home overlooking the Emerald Lake & Tea Estates”

Source: Housethome

The foremost design inspiration is the landscape itself. We wanted to ensure that the villa features mountain architecture that exudes rustic accents and rugged charm so they blend with their environment and the formations around them. Incorporating elements that bring the outdoors in, was important to the design goal. The home had to create an uncomplicated, cosy and natural mood and connect you more to nature along with all the features and modern amenities you’d find in any stylish home. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from homes in Europe, especially Italy, Greece, Malta & Spain during my extensive travels there for both these projects.” shares Ganesh Nair, Founder, WhiteSpaces, with the Housethome Team

Primary materials used in the architecture of the home (flooring, walls, textures) – To begin with, we have thoughtfully created the foundation that accommodates uneven, hilly and rugged terrain. Interiors are mostly wood that commonly take cues from the surrounding landscape. Wooden floors, pine wood walls and natural textures that blend with the natural surroundings. Colors and fabrics are thoughtfully infused as part of the décor to break the monotonous woody brown.

Standout feature of this home – Every spot in the house is meticulously designed. Every piece of furniture is hand designed and crafted. Many spaces have undergone numerous changes until they look pleasing to the eye and are absolutely functional. Décor items are paired and arranged artistically. The design is intended to be a work of art rather than a typical, plain functional building.

Decor aesthetic and the reasoning behind it – We ensured that the feeling inside the home is not forced or pretentious, but cosy and calm, simple and natural. It is said that walking in the woods is relaxing, and the same natural effect can be felt in this home as well. When in contact with massive wood, our minds can take us on vacation or into nature, having a very relaxing effect on us. Our heart rate goes down, as do our stress levels.

Design Firm : Ganesh Nair, Whitespace Design

Photo Credits : Shamanth Patil – Rays & Greys



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