The Breeze Home : A 1,940 Sqft stunning Art filled home, nestled in Urban Bangalore!

Source: Housethome

Art plays a central role in our inspiration and process. It has a vital place in every interior and no space feels complete without it. We believe there is poetry in the tension of combining art, craft, colour, pattern and texture; the careful and intentional layering brings character and feeling to a home.

“This home that we designed for a young couple was really exciting for us because the brief given by our clients was to design a bright and cozy home that revolved around art. As a result, our clients’ avid interest in art was thoughtfully portrayed throughout the house, carefully balancing something bold with something quiet to create a warm and inviting space”, shares Design Firm, June Walk Design with the #Housethome Team.

 The living room was designed keeping the client’s requirement in mind, as they were keen on not having a TV in the space, the perfect opportunity to design a custom built-in horizontal bookcase as a showpiece for beautiful things such as art, books and accessories. The blue color of the bookcase is perfectly saturated yet a moody shade that brings out the color of Van Gogh’s starry night in the corner, a beloved piece that the clients owned and wanted to display. The cream sofa is paired with two rattan back armchairs that are styled beautifully with throws and pillows to balance the color and textures around and add comfort to the space. As the dining and living share the same space, the harmony of the colors between the two spaces is balanced and elevated with plants around to add life to the room. The puja space is beautifully placed in the form of the custom rattan cabinet alongside the dining area.

The galley kitchen needed a total overhaul so without making any civil changes, a lot more function was added to the flow of the space by taking down the door that separated the utility from the kitchen and replacing the window to allow more light in the space. The goal was to use the utility wall as a focal point of this galley kitchen and use this opportunity to dress it up with art, accessories and pretty utilitarian pieces using open shelves. The beautiful color of the cabinetry inspired from the pattern tiles on the floor and open wooden shelves add warmth and character to the space. It’s the perfect harmony of design and function going hand in hand.

One of the 3 bedrooms was converted into a home theater room, a warm and cozy ambiance – the perfect setup for a family movie time or to binge over some favorite shows online. This room is multi-functional – a movie room with a sectional sofa that opens up into a full size bed cocooned between hidden cabinets on each side acting as extra storage for guests to stay over. There is also a built-in desk incorporated for home office space – a detail that makes it even more functional.

The second bedroom was made into a guest suite. With simple and essential pieces, like the beautiful bed with rattan headboard, whimsical pendant lights over the nightstands to the vintage touch added through the armoire, this is the perfect space for the guests to unwind and recharge.

In this work from home phase of our life, craving a relaxing space to escape at the end of the day – a master bedroom that feels like a retreat was absolutely necessary. It’s a space that should soothe and reset, and reflect a style that brings serenity to the mind and body. That’s just what the master bedroom delivers.

Every space in this home was renovated from scratch to match the client’s requirement and therefore a lot of love and attention to detail was layered into all the 3 bathrooms of this project. Big design moments are packed into each of these small spaces for a wow-factor moment that forces you to stop and reset.
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