A Gorgeous Bangalore Home, by Design Firm, U & I Designs.

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This beautiful home designed by Design Firm, U & I Designs www.uandidesigns.in, for an upbeat young couple has an interesting story to speak of…

When we got the first brief from them they seemed sure what they wanted. A home that is minimalist with clean lines and the tonal palette adhering to classics like gray, black, white interspersed with wooden textures. A contemporary home by large.

However, as we started getting to know more about them, our little chats and conversations revealed their secret liking for eclecticism too. This is when we decided to loosen up on the fixated contemporary brief and give the clients a home that is truly anchored by their personalities, a home where chic and crisp vignettes are the mainstay while also being delightful in its own way.

Taking you through the bedrooms first as these rooms bustle with the most agreeable colours possible.

The clients already had a white bed in mind for the guest bedroom and we designed the space around the same. Curated very functional, sleek wardrobes and bedside tables which complemented the whole set up. The green chequered statement wall was conceptualised to add whimsy to the otherwise simple bedroom situation. To amp this dreaminess, we added the gorgeous lamps with black shades which stood out beautifully against the sage green backdrop. To break the monotony of solids, we chose a sprightly fabric for the blinds that frame the window like an artist‘s interpretation.

The master was designed to satiate the client‘s love for crisp neat verticality. We gave them a lot of layers and textures with elements like fluted panels, floor to ceiling mirrors and metalaccents. Adding the tone of blue helped elevate the vibe all together. Another striking feature, the chest of drawers, was designed in dual tones of blue and brown which served the functional needs, while simple grey wardrobes with sleek black profiles added to the beauty unpretentiously. The bed area was kept simple with a low platform bed and wooden night stands. The tan of the headboard and the woollen rug brought in the warmth, completing this room into a comfortable retreat.

Moving onto touring the public spaces the entryway was the zone that really set the tone of this home. We designed the storage cabinets minimally with delicate wooden textures and sharp black accessories. Although mostly functional, we added interest by working with differential heights in the cabinetry.

As one walks through the foyer a stately wall arrangement comes to the fore. We designed an impactful circular mirror which took the focus.Sharp flutes in black flanked one side which we decided to break with a contrasting grunge texture in gray.

We love how we conceptualised this zone in a concoction of textures and details.

We took the linearity of designs into the living as well, to make the whole space look fabulously cohesive. Designing the entertainment unit with fluted sections, we layered it with concrete finish panels which again made a show. We added cove lights in every layer which again added show much interest to the whole space, highlighting the used finishes to perfection. This tone on tone look in the living is interrupted with a plush teal sectional. The sofa and the shaggy rug made the space look hygge at its best.

The kitchen though rooted in functionalism, is designed with a timeless flair. We continued with the classic wood and gray saga and created a dual toned kitchen which is seamless -startto end. An incredibly sleek crockery unit adorns the kitchen, where its sharp black profiles make a sexy statement. We also designed a bare minimum black Granite breakfast counter with fluted leg and swanked it with super chic breakfast chairs.” shares the Design Firm.

Design Firm : U & I Designs www.uandidesigns.in
Photography Credits : Parth Swaminath / PHX India (https://www.instagram.com/phxindia)



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