Style meets Comfort: A 1,100 Sqft, Stylish Mumbai Home, by Lime House Design Studio.

Source: Housethome

Think style & splendour and what spontaneously comes to mind is a space high on luxury sans the practicality and comfort. This is where the primary task of ensuring a balance between the important aspects of designing a functional, yet luxurious & attractive home came into play.

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The thoughtfully designed living room has a refined and elegant look – with furniture crafted in pastel hues, dramatic lighting and wall panelling which forms an elegant backdrop; it feels inviting and looks fabulous. The wood flooring and ceiling create a visual impact right at the entrance leading up to the large dining/ living area. The dining and bar flow seamlessly into the main living area where one is greeted by the lavish seating done up with bespoke plush sofas in soft pink and grey hues. A stylish marble and brass coffee table at the centre with brass planters and end tables add to the glamor.

Here, instead of the TV being the focal point as is the case with most lounge areas, a bespoke wall unit with a display of an impressive collection of artefacts and other décor pieces takes centerstage.

The master bedroom has an underlying neutral tone with white panelled wardrobes running on both ends of the wide entrance. Wooden louvered panels with hidden storage run along the sides and the overhead space around the grey headboard providing substantial storage and unusual style. The corner seating enjoys a fabulous city skyline view through the glass walls and french windows on this 50th floor apartment. A mint green lounger with a chic white end table occupies this space. The storage and utility get further enhanced with a stunning white chest of drawers acting as a stylish TV unit and an elegant corner dresser too!

The son’s room is an amalgamation of modern, luxe and trendy concepts. A raised platform bed extending to a bay seating on a live edge plank not only adds comfort but style. The white brick wall with a live edge study & metal rod shelves against it tie in beautifully with the concept of a fashionable, young den. The black mirror cabinets add character and warmth to the room.

The parent’s room is a timeless creation woven impeccably into the classic and extravagant common spaces. Use of light wood, white and pastel tones keep the ambience serene while the use of gold tones in the textured wallpaper and the bedside lamps add flair and grandeur.
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