A Warm & Cosy, 2bhk Surat Home, by Shalk Design Studio

Source: Housethome

This Cosy two-bedroom apartment narrates a story of a minimalistic and utilitarian home that is splashed with colours in the right proportions to add a freshness to the space while also remaining unflinchingly true to the functionality and needs of the clients.

A modern apartment in the heart of Surat oozes warmth and elegance, which is manifested by a play of cool colours in clean lines and simplistic design elements. A grooved wooden door opens the vista to a cosy living room that seats two sofas in blue that beautifully add an enchanting hue to the otherwise neutral space. This cool blue contrasts and complements the warm tones of the wood veneer that forms the secondary tone of the home. The minimalistic artwork in earthy colours and the zigzag patterned center table in black and brown wood adds a subtle pop. The television unit is a layered marvel with a juxtaposing play of materiality that adds drama to the calming space. Warm-toned wooden planks with vertical grooves is clad on the wall, giving it a plank-like effect. A monolithic black granite tile with brass inlay overlaps this, becoming an aesthetic yet non-distracting background for the television. The console below is a play of wooden box with blue drawers in sharp, clean lines, enhancing the elegant materials in the back.

The other adjacent wall has a large doorway, framed by the white walls and a wooden frame that also becomes the breakfast counter to the open kitchen on one end and leads to the bedrooms via the dining space on the other. The central part of the house with the kitchen and the dining is a true display of the designer’s skill to accommodate maximum functionality into a compact space. Like the living, the kitchen and dining is a play of blue hues and warm wooden tones. The cabinets under the granite kitchen platform are finished with blue back-painted glass; the overhead shelf is a mix of open and closed storage. The dining table is aligned to the wall adorned with monochromatic digital art and has chairs on the shorter sides. At the same time, a multipurpose bench is placed parallel to the wall, thus maximising space and circulation.

Off the two bedrooms, the master bedroom’s theme mirrors that of the house with hues of blue, accents of wood and a neutral grey as the dominant colour reflected in flooring, wardrobe shutters, wall colour and the door laminates. The bed back is made from blue upholstery that runs from one end of the wall to another. Its position situates the bed in the middle, right below the window that displays a gorgeous printed curtain in grey. Encashing on the multifunctional approach, the designer places a mirror just above the bedside table, utilising it as a dressing and a side table.

A refreshing green is used in contrast with a wooden walnut-toned laminate in the other bedroom of this house. A simple, functional bed on lean legs and a green bed back takes the centre of the space with a brick textured wall in white behind it. Adding character and personalisation to the space, the wall adorns the classic F.R.I.E.N.D.S poster. An ideal work and study from home table take up one corner of this room with a tall open unit displaying trinkets and souvenirs.

Designed by Shalk Design Studio,

Documented and Styled by: Depictions by Prachi Khasgiwala and Uplifting Depictions.



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