The Stunning: 8,321 Sqft, 5Bhk, “Prestige King Fisher Tower” Bengaluru

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Royalty has a new Address...Experience Luxury like no other! Prestige Kingfisher Towers is an Uber Luxury Apartment Project, in Bengaluru, developed by India’s leading Real Estate Group, The Prestige Group.

By far, this is one of the most premium residential developments in Bengaluru city. This stunning project overlooks the magnificent UB City & Cubbon Park and offers breathtaking views of one of the city’s most happening locality.


Perched on a 13-storey building complex in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, this penthouse has interiors that are a bit different from what one usually sees in Mumbai’s luxury high-rise apartments. Nishita Kamdar, principal architect of Studio Nishita Kamdar, decided against the use of stone, chandeliers and imported Italian marble finishes. Instead, she used wood, metal and concrete to achieve an understated luxurious vibe.


Conceived as a ‘pebble in the grass’, this house acts as an extended entertainment center to a previously existing home which was built 20 years back. It has been designed in congruence with its context by using the same material palette nonetheless managing to express the shift in time of both buildings by virtue of its design. The breathtaking landscape of the site just reinforced the idea, to create a design that blends remarkably with the site it sits in.


‘Cloaked’ is an abode design intervention, monolithically pitched into a tightly knit urban setting. It is enclosed on all sides by an overpowering city fabric. The design was incorporated into a challenging triangular site profile with acute angles at two of its corners. Whilst two of its edges faces vehicular roads, an edifice engulfs its third. The western corner manifests the highest point on site, surrounded by running pavements and roads along its periphery.


This modern day house, deftly showered with French design elements, instantly grabs uninterrupted attention of the onlooker. The client, with a massive affinity for timeless French art wished to have a house that personified luxury and glamour in an effortless way. The enormous living area has been partitioned into distinguished spaces, each with a different usability yet conveniently merging with the living area as a whole.


In an ever-evolving world, we’re living a fast-paced life and constantly trying on the newest buzzwords. However, a trend that never goes out of style is #Vintage. And that’s exactly what Studio Mestry’s Akshaya Mestry went for, when she collaborated with Bhakti Loonawat, to breathe new life into an 80-year-old apartment in the heart of Mumbai.


Contemporary spaces with the glimpses of art-deco style, are the key words to represent the look and feel of this Mumbai Home, for the creative yet down to earth couple and their young son. Designed by Kasturi Relekar Designs @kasturirelekardesigns, whilst the overall design of the house is very contemporary; each room has been given its customised feel by thoughtful layering and styling. In fact, each room has become a reflection of the occupant, by creative use of soft furnishings.


The stepped house designed by Studio Lotus is based on a structural grid of retaining walls: a main wall that spans the entire length of the project along with intermittently-spaced walls across its width. Embodying a character typical of its location, these stone walls act as prominent design elements in the scheme; defining and demarcating areas.


A Trip To Kangana Ranaut’s House! Vlog #20

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Right after I saw Tanu Weds Manu Returns I got a chance to interview Kangana Ranaut herself in her house! She was of course incredible and talked about everything from her diet to her various Bollywood characters and what it’s really like in Bollywood! She even answered your 21 Twitter Questions, stay tuned for all that, but for now here’s a sneak peak of our visit!