House A&A at Anna Nagar, Chennai by Sai Lakshmi Architects

Source: Housethome

The brief called for easy movement, comfortable seating and minimal decor. At the same time, the language had to fulfil the son’s preference for a modern, clean-lined aesthetic. We managed to combine these varied sensibilities into a cohesive aesthetic.

The main door opens directly into an invisible intersection between the living and dining areas, anchored by the wall opposite the entrance, which features fluted wooden panels with a mirror center piece. A stone-finish console underpins the mirror. This wall stands in for the foyer, giving visitors a fitting first impression.

To the left of the main door is the living room characterised by neutral shades. Sofas in tan and grey compose the seating layout, while a wooden floor underpins the area. A paired set of brass and marble coffee tables take the centre of the room, while pops of verdure in the corners add grace and vitality.

The dining area is situated to the right of the main door. The minimalist marble-top dining table is surrounded by tufted grey chairs on three sides and a tan bench on the fourth. A mirrored grid wall backdrops the setting, reflecting the light cast by a pair of globe-cluster pendant lights. A white-and-brass crockery cabinet flanks the setting on one side.

The dining room had almost zero natural light to start with. We treated this space with an array of reflective surfaces to amplify the light.

Serene hues define the kitchen in the way of sea-green lower cabinetry and a misty-blue herringbone backsplash. The brass hardware and white upper cabinetry echo the cool palette.

To the left of the dining room is the master bedroom, where an earthy palette prevails. The taupe upholstered headboard is backgrounded by shimmery brown curtains. Natural-grain wooden nightstands bracket the bed on either side.

The son’s bedroom, located to the right of the dining room, is ruled by dark grey, which appears on both the walls and the furnishings. A brown upholstered headboard provides an organic offset to the deep-toned shell.



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