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To the point: The difference between a home and house is the feeling that the space evokes within you. On good days and bad, getting to go back home, the home that is a mesh of all things great in your life, is one of the most complacent feelings in the world; and for your house to actually feel like home, it has to have that vibe. 

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The art of dressing bodies and homes has never been more alike, so it’s no wonder countless fashion designers have translated their champagne taste — in everything from streetwear to haute couture — into the interior design space. From sofas with undeniable curve appeal to cutlery crafted from bamboo, high-fashion-approved pieces sing of a stylish sensibility.

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Epitomizing the bohemian style since forever, the quaint-looking dream catchers have been around in the market for quite some time. Loaded with beads, colourful strings, and delicate feathers that turn the otherwise boring walls of our house into quiet dreamy corners, these ornamented rings come in all sizes and patterns. 

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Looking to feng shui your apartment since you can’t technically remodel it? Bringing peace and positive energy into your home doesn’t necessarily require knocking down walls. Whether you’re a deep believer in the Eastern philosophies of feng shui or simply want to redecorate your apartment, there are simple tips and tricks you can practice to improve the energy of your space without sacrificing your security deposit.

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Chennai is one of India’s preferred destinations for cultural tourism and boasts a great tradition and patronage for the performing arts. However, while art forms of all kinds have flourished and been appreciated historically in this city, recent years have seen Chennai take to another relatively modern form of art appreciation through the setting up of several new art galleries.