The 3,200 sqft, “Jani Residence”, Surat by Studio Martise

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A house is a shelter consisting of walls, floors, doors, windows; roof etc. in which human being live.” This is something which is very basic requirement for any human but giving the house a home feel is something which really makes a big difference in basic requirement. Personalizing the space does not only bring the comfort but also adds on to much more happiness in to the life. This 4BHK apartment with timeless modern design added with lots of elegance, warmth and coziness, brings so much of detailing from grooved panels to selecting different type of materials which just merge together to make a space full of life and beauty.

The idea was to bring in the “lux & contentment” factor by using luxury materials like Italian stone, brass and German oak veneer but in understated manner. This was the thought echoed by the client as him having great love for stone and we wanted to use as much as possible but not as outcome as to be too heavy or gaudy.

Entrance Area

Talking about the first and the start of the apartment, which is the entrance area, we did not want it to have the regular jail door on the outside, so we started to seek solutions to merge it with some sort of screen, after so many of experiments and brain storming we ended up selecting wooden finish screen with curvilinear organic form installed on a metal frame. The curvilinear organic form looks playful and add some character to the entrance lobby.

Living, dining and Kitchen

The living, Dining and kitchen brings in the open plan concept with no physical barriers, and makes it all the single space. However, the differentiation of the space can be done by the materials as the living and kitchen has the Italian stone whereas dining has panel of black printed glass which also creates the break between the living and kitchen. We wanted to create multiple experiences within single space by providing multiple pause points for the user depending upon the different moods and activities. We name this style as texture dominate the muted space.

Son’s Bedroom

For son’s bedroom we tried to catch-up with the desires and imagination of our youngest client and ended up with subtle combination of grey and white as canvas with wooden furniture.  We also made sure that the subtle interiors do not overpower our client and highlights his colourful persona by providing him a canvas to decorate it by himself with his sketches and colours. Also, for catering his playfulness we gave multiple pause points, a floating corner bed, a cozy window and a desk by the window.

Daughter’s Bedroom

Daughter’s bedroom is a room which was the most personalised room of all requirements and charm, with the factor of having curve in the mirror of dressing area and amusement of relaxation on bedside with combination of favourite colour fabric and black printed glass.

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom as a play of blue with wood, grey with brass that forms focal element at the back of the bed, presents the room well with welcoming nature.

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom, the main bedroom of the entire space, which has dark grey travertine marble and blue shade that inherently gives a cool.  However, wooden look to the wardrobe & side table balance out the space with making it warm and lighter. Moreover, smart backlighting enhances the effect of backdrop, while the fabric bed & pendants offer a touch of contrast for a more organic appearance.

We at studio mortise believe that our versatility is our strength and this allows us to create elegant design in any style and form.

Project: Jani Residence

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Area: 3,200 sqft

Design firm: Studio Mortise

Designer: Principal Architect – Ar.Ankit Kathiriya

                  Principal Designer  –  Smit Bhadani

                  Designer Team       –  Ar.Akash Kakadia, Yash Khimani, Raj Desai

Photography: Prit Goyani

Content Courtesy: Rhicha Pandey, Suyoj Jain


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