The Elegant “Shajanand Viha”, Surat, by Layout Design Studio

Source: Housethome

Enveloped in an earthy palette, this 1,410 sq. ft home in Surat is tranquillity wrapped in tradition. A breath-taking lime-plastered wall in rust, detailed with grey tile and wooden moulding, becomes the first glance of this three-bedroom home named ‘Shajanand Viha‘. The warmth is further expressed with the wooden panelled door with black glass. The ceiling reflects a similar panelling in wood with natural green HDF sheets in the frames. Complimenting this is the neutral grey of the wall and the grey lime plaster on the ceiling.

Upon stepping inside, the foyer in royal white colour forms the threshold between the outside and the inside of this home. The space is furnished with a small storage unit that facilitates seating to wear shoes; additionally, the wall in the foyer is adorned by four minimalist Calcuttan style paintings. The space between the public foyer and the private living spaces of the house is spatially segregated by another door with vertical fluting.  

The living room is subtlety par excellence in its visual language. It is wound with a minimalist material palette of natural Valsadi wood­ – finished with veneer in a natural polish, neutral tones of grey and beige to balance the warmth a décor become accents in the space. An expansive L-shaped sofa in a hue of grey makes a formal sitting over the warm veneer, with a backdrop of an elaborate window that illuminates the whole room. A square centre table in wood is raised on studs, like every piece of furniture, to give an airy look, which is contemporary in look but traditional in its materiality.

The wall on the other side is finished in a grey lime plaster that is extended to become the ceiling as well. On this solid wall is an enchanting artwork in fabric and brass plate that adds a pop of colour. However, it is the swing in the heart of the living room with the cane backing in a wooden frame and the brass suspended channels that steals the spotlight. The use of brass in decor adds a glamorous and luxurious touché to the otherwise grounded space. Another wall is panelled with marble-finish laminate with vertical flutings to provide a perfect background for the TV mounted on a sleek wooden console. This wall ends as the breakfast island counter in Italian marble by the kitchen. Back painted glass adorns the overhead cabinets, and the ones below the platform counter are furnished in veneer.

Continuing on the earthy theme, the master bedroom is finished in neutral and cool shades, contrasted by the warm tone of the veneer finished furniture. The two walls in the room, one behind the bed and the one in front of it, are covered in grey marmarino lime plaster. The one behind has an embossed zigzag pattern while the one in front is smoothly finished, which becomes the background for the TV unit. Circular black back painted glass is mounted on a wooden frame to become the TV unit in this room. Staying true to the traditional vibe of the house, the bed-back is made from an ethnic motif printed cloth in a greyish blue shade, which is the colour family of the printed curtains. On one side of the bed is a large wall-to-wall window, and on the other side is taken up by end-to-end wardrobes. The shutters of these full height storage cabinets have fabric sandwiched between glasses. This fabric has ethnic motifs, adding texture and complexity to the overall space.

The kids’ bedroom is made in beautiful shades of green, taking a very mature and futuristic approach towards a space for the young girls that occupy it. This cosy room is a monochromatic space with a light aqua green wall behind the bed, a velvet green fabric bed back, and an olive green ICA PU finish on the bed. The dressing and the study table is in sync with the rest of the furniture of the home. The warm brown laminated wood develops a beautiful dialogue with the verdant colour, while the artwork of birds in b/w adds a playful element.

The guest bedroom is a small multipurpose space with furniture in wood and white walls. The scale of the room is left uncomplicated with play in colours; rather, the designer justifies it with the simplicity of design. The room has a sofa-cum-bed and a dressing unit with a contemporary chair made in cane fitted in a wooden frame and a cupboard on the side. Every single piece is minutely detailed to comprehensively form a larger picture that this home weaves.

Shajanand Viha is a contemporary ode to the traditional Indian material and living, accentuated by warm wood, neutral colour palette and traditional elements to accommodate the luxurious lifestyle of the client in a grounded yet bijou manner.

Design Firm : Layout Design Studio
Styling Credits : Uplifting Depictions
Content Credits : Falak Vora
Photo Credits : Prachi Khasgiwala

Content Credits : Falak Vora



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