“The Cross Over House”, A 1,461 sqft, Mumbai Home, by AUM Architects

Source: Housethome

Indian modernism has been ever evolving. With a clientele that want both worldly charm as well as traditional flavour; this house has been designed to suit the aesthetic palette of a modern Indian. Amalgamating modern and ethnic forms, simplicity in the geometry yet intricate detailing and material palette reminiscent of ethnic designs. The house has been woven to appease the oldest as well as the youngest member of the house. This 3 bedroom apartment has a crossover of styles dedicated to the occupant of each area.

Located in the heart of the city of Mumbai and having lived in the locality of Matunga, the influence of the surrounding cultural heritage and ever evolving surroundings had been imparted into the brief given to us. Blending the old with the new, the traditional with the contemporary this house was planned and designed

The extensiveness of the living room has been amplified in the planning of the room. Tall and linear panelling adds to the volume of the space. A central punch of colour is added in the form of a bench in bright red scottish plaids; it acts as a connector between the dining and living room seating. A concrete finish wall treatment adds to the subtlety in design. The wooden accents give a sense of warmth and compliments the concrete finish. Connected to the kitchen directly; keeping in mind the progressive transition the kitchen has been designed on a minimal palette. A glossy grey wraps around the kitchen and highlights the beige coloured countertop.

The daughter’s bedroom is designed to the aesthetical inclination of the young user. The brief was to have a contemporary chic room. With the constraint of space an exquisite dressing area has been carved out. Also a functional sleek study area was planned. The feature wall is the stripped wallpaper and the deep maroon headboard. A custom light feature adds to the black and white striped background. Muted colour palette with a punch of colour gives this room a fresh vibrance.

The eldest members of the apartment wanted their individual bedrooms to have an amalgamation of ethnicity yet modern. The parent’s bedroom has a soothing use of colour, infused with intricate patterns in the form of the soft furnishings and art. Translating their individuality into the room; the bedroom is airy and bright.

The master bedroom was to be lavish. The linear bedroom has been made voluminous by using mirror and high-gloss finish in its entire length. An ethnic flavour has been infused into the modern forms in the form of usage of colours and patterns. A bespoke headboard with a curvilinear format and tan chesterfield adds to the grandness within the room.

Design Firm : AUM Architects

Photo Credits : Prashant Bhatt Photography

  1. Name of the Project: The Crossover house
  2. Project Location: Matunga, Maharashtra, India
  3. Project Completion Year: June 2021
  4. Plot Area (In sq. Ft.): 1461 Sq.ft.
  5. Project Type: Residence
  6. Photography Credits: Prashant Bhat
  7. Team Aum: Manish Dikshit, Sonali Pandit, Nachiket Borwake, Manasi Mirajkar


● Lighting Fixtures: Ivytech
● Decorative lights: The white teak & Deepam
● Glass and Mirror: Royal glass – Saint Gobain
● Wallpaper: Art Junction
● Hardware: Priya Aluminium
● Fabrics: Lavie



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