The Kumbalangi Stories : A Stunning Family Holiday Retreat & Homestay

Source: Housethome

Set against the enticing Kannamally backwaters in Kumbalangi, within the sprawling 89 cents of land, the Beautiful Residence is a picture painted right out of a dreamscape. Cocooned by the surrounding landscape, the majestic azure skies, and calm waters along the horizon against the verdant hues, the house is delicately designed to dematerialize into its backdrop. Spanning over 8,200 square feet, the house is designed to serve as a family holiday retreat in summers and a homestay all-round the year.

Ar. Sebastian Jose, our principal architect, recalls, “To design the house serving the dual purpose without costing the space was much of a challenge. We also had to ensure maximum unobstructed views to each of the spaces, without compromising the privacy of the end-user. Other than fulfilling the brief, we wanted the house to be a collection of experiences.

Principle Architect: Sebastian Jose

Photographer: Justin Sebastian



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