The 1,100 sqft, modern yet minimalistic, “Kiara House”, Pune, by The Opulent Studio

Source: Housethome

This is my dream house and I need it elegant, colourful, lit and minimalistic, all at once“, these were the first few words of our client, when he had just appointed us. This beautiful 2BHK home located in Pune breathes life with the help of ambient light, colours, warmth and elegance. While designing we tried to keep it modern and minimalistic with the help of pastel colours, pop furniture and good lighting. We accommodated ample storage as per the clients wishes, making use of each and every wall and space very intricately.  Functionality and aesthetics both go hand in hand, and in this project we tried to fulfill both very diligently.

Project Name: The Kiara House 

Architects – The Opulent Studio   

Design Team – Ar. Soniya Patil, Ar. Shruti Jain 
Location: Sopan Baug, Pune 

Carpet Area – 1100 sq.ft 

Photography – Abhishek Chavan



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