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Are Toilets Bad Feng Shui?

Source: Raymond Chang

Perhaps you worry about not being able to retain your wealth because a toilet is located in your home’s wealth corner. You may have asked yourself the question, “Are toilets bad feng shui?”. You probably keep the lid closed at all times, but how do you activate your wealth corner if a toilet is there? Firstly, you need to think about how long you’ve lived in your current home and what has happened with regards to your wealth matters since living there.

There may be some counterbalancing measures taking place in your home that you were not aware of. It is important to know that toilets take energy from the house, both positive and negative energy. What we need to try to ensure is that as much of the positive chi as possible remains in our home, while as much of the negative chi is taken away by the toilet. The toilet creates a downward pulling zone, so we can do several things to counteract this based on traditional feng shui cures.