Coffee table books aren’t just for inspiration and information (although they’re good at it) — they also add a finishing touch to the room. Books with particularly striking front covers provide points of interest, and they even make interesting conversation starters.

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The apps listed below can help you through every part of the decorating process. They’ll also give you a glimpse of the power you often hold in your hand. Our list begins with apps that let you explore alternatives, moves to apps that help you organize your concepts, continues with apps to help you find perfect pieces, and concludes with apps that let you map out each exquisite detail.


Spacelift: Transform your balcony into a gorgeous oasis, with Twinkle Khanna


Who said you couldn’t have a beautiful yet functional space in your home without creating a gaping hole in your bank account? Let’s debunk that myth, shall we? Our Tweak founder, Twinkle Khanna puts her hard hat back on in our new DIY design series, Spacelift, a show where she will be giving quick tweaks and tips on how you can do makeovers around your house.

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Home Design Apps allow you to experiment with and create possibilities for future improvements in your current environment. There are home apps for shopping for decor, calculating, building mood boards, and just having fun, and these are some of the most beginner-friendly we’ve found.


These accessories will transform a functional flat to a designer apartment. If you are a city-dweller, chances are your home is an apartment. So, of course, you have your functional items all in place to beat the space constraints of an urban home – multipurpose furniture, an efficient kitchen layout, modular set-ups and so on.

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Wallpaper can be totally transformative in any room. It has the power to change the look and feel in a room by adding pattern, colour and texture to walls – in a way which paint simply can’t do. Don’t feel restricted by the size of the room, either, as wallpaper ideas are not just for large open-plan spaces.

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Wall design is more than an exercise in aesthetics; it involves a substantial amount of time and cost. So, whether you choose beautiful wallpapers to adorn your walls or paint them in the old-fashioned way, you need to make sure that your decision is an informed one. 


Buying Furniture For Your New Home: Here Are 7 Tips To Help You

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You just bought a house. Now, you want to move new stuff in. One of those things will be furniture.

With that said, this guide will help you choose the best furniture using seven tips below. If you want to sell your old home and get money for the new one plus furniture, you can let Teifke Real Estate buy the house regardless of the condition.