“Pusphatma” BY K.N Associates : A luxurious Vadodara Home, built on 13,500 sqft area

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PUSHPATMA” began at a rather sweet note where the homeowners were a simple, close-knit family who wanted a humble abode; that hits a sugary note with every modern, contemporary as well as culturally-steeped elements. The house comes across as a geometrical riot where different forms of squares, rectangles and circles are visibly juxtaposed. Thereby, adding a lot of vibrancy, interesting massing and life to the building…..

Ticking all the right boxes with cardinal positioning, the house has been built in South and West corners of the plot; and the North and East corners are left relatively unconsumed to capture light and landscape. Considering the hot, arid and at-times extreme weather of Vadodara; the South-west facade catches air and circulates it throughout the house. The wider opening in North ensures no harsh sunlight and heat entering the house. The challenge was to peacefully co-exist in a residential society with other houses and not make an obnoxiously independent ‘out of context’ house. It’s is almost like being in a group and yet standing out for all the right reasons…..

K.N. Associates from Vadodara captures the very essence of co-existing and thriving at the same time by using various unique elements lending the house, an element of fun, surprise and thrill. The warm tones set against a neutral white background paints a super chic picture for the viewers from outside. While the greens from plants and creepers maintains a discreet element of tease and play; thereby creating a visual spell on viewers eyes.

One enters the house through a picturesque Foyer; set in warm tones, studded with an intricate Lord Ganesha Artwork by Ashish Das, a renowned artist from the town. Ganesha is known as Vighnaharta (remover of all hurdles) in Hindu mythology and the beautiful artwork perfectly encapsulates the essence and divine energy at the entrance. The SS textured panel that doubles as the door handle on the wooden surface adds a sleek definition to the main door. At K.N. Associates, the styling and artwork for a space is as crucial as designing the space itself. And the relative importance to art is seemingly visible throughout the Pushpatma; right from soft decor pieces to artworks to planters and textiles. Succeeding into foyer, a cosy space meant to attend guests, visitors and by-passers alike has been kept discreet and warm. The foyer also serves as a spine between different areas on the ground floor and connecting the upper floors.

A well-articulated Living space welcomes visitors with minimal furnishings and extravagant artwork bringing in colours making a statement and weaving a bond with culture. The Family seating space is remarkably placed in the Centre of an otherwise L-shaped house that lets the family keep a check on any/every movement throughout the house. A rather interesting corner that overlooks the family space is the one leading into the outdoors. “Corners are usually left unattended and we definitely want to change that narrative with our designs” says Mr. Joshi; who creates a stunning corner frame with an interesting double heighted mass and a wide opening that constantly acts as a Sun-catcher for the house.

“Picturesque furniture and soft furnishings are all crafted by Aakara, a furniture studio that we’re closely associated with and have commissioned many projects to them”, adds the team at K.N Associates. The Glass Chandelier that was specifically customised for the house is a testimony of commitment to details by the design firm. The spoken Chandelier – Kaanch, designed by Hemanshi Shah, adorns the double-height corner adding so much character and chicness to the volume. The 6 blue glass figurines among 100 pieces in the Chandelier marks the 6 members of the family at Pushpatma, a customisation that truly makes the piece unique and distinct.

The whole of the house is bathed in Italian marble flooring inlayed with SS and flowing white walls that helps reflect more lights within. The warmer wooden accents are notoriously employed to create depth and contrast while creating stunning textures with the material.

A parent’s room on the ground floor is intelligently tucked away in the corner to give them privacy, screening and a piece of outdoor all to themselves. Other bedrooms in the house have been levelled up to the first floor which is a clear private space for the residents. The bedrooms have been set in neutral tones to be used interchangeably by the family members. The interesting BLUE effect can be spotted in each of the bedrooms giving the space an eccentric identity of its own.

The customised artwork is what sets all the bedrooms apart from each other. Artist Avinash Gondaliya worked closely with the family to bring out each character to life. The indistinct decor accessories like textiles and rugs have been sourced from the Dhurrie Store, Udaipur and bespoke accents that runs perennial through the residence is a tastefully curated collection from Aakara. Whereas, the Outline Studio from Ahmedabad has set an apt tonality for the landscaping throughout the entire house. Taking landscape on the above floor in the form of an open terrace attached to Master Bedroom; is a space worth investing your time in. The open terrace that has been stacked above the main entrance foyer visually appeals the passers-by and renders a light, beautiful and green elevation of the house while easily screening the Private Bedroom from the public eye.

A multitude of techniques and craftsmanship has been implied in the details of the private spaces. The etching done on the bed back of the Master Bedroom over veneers and the playful combination of wood and ceramic tiles in the kid’s bedroom are worth giving some attention. A bespoke, state-of-the-art basin that has been customised can be seen adorning the Master Toilet on the first floor. The furniture layout of the house has been precisely executed by Homesolution that masters wood working techniques. The details of which could be seen in bedrooms, wardrobes and other spaces alike.

The top most floor of the house encompasses a vibrant home-theatre that doubles up as a party/gathering deck whenever needed. Some famous Bollywood character portraits have been impressioned onto wood through burning technique and can leave a TV fan in absolute awe. The detailing is fine and discreet so as to not overpower the cozy, lingering vibe of the theatre space. To make the hall more functional and soundproof, a diligent mix of wood and fabric was chosen to achieve the desired sound system across the hallway. 

For the days of quiet and evenings of peace, the landscape is beautiful merged into the built up, creating a much required buffer from the surroundings.

The duality as well as smooth transitioning within the house is what makes it stand out. 

‘Less is more’ and that surely is very well etched in the subtext of Pushpatma.


Designed by : K.N.Associates
Project Type : Residential Bungalow (Interior)
Location : Khanpur, Vadodara
Year completed :2022

Size :
• Plot area – 13,500 sq.ft.
• Gf – 2400 sq. ft
• Ff – 3370 sq. ft
• Sf – 970 sq. ft

Project Cost appx : 2 crores
Principal Architect : Narendra Joshi& Pritesh Patel
Photograph courtesy : Tejas Shah photography
Write up courtesy : Tanvi Thakkar
Firm’s Website Link : http://www.knassociates.in/



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