A 2,550 sqft, elegantly designed Surat Home, by Architect Darshit Gondaliya

Source: Housethome

Home”; an ultimate destination, is a place where one seeks comfort. Hence, embracing warmth is something that was aimed with this design solution. In this residential apartment, interior design and execution were the scope of our work that have turned into an area of emphasis now. The proposal of re-working a 4BHK into 3BHK while keeping one of the rooms intact as family space is catered to with rationale, for a nuclear family of 5 members. Addressing the design with a modern and contemporary but minimalist approach was the objective. Converting corners into abundant coziness was the major concern. Moreover, consciously chosen neutral colour pallet and timeless materials amplifies the intrigue.

Setting the foot in the heart of the family i.e. living room and its little volumes, portray a sense of belonging. Conceptualized with two truncated bays augments homeliness. Amidst the shades of neutrals, brass stand out as an accent of the design language. The grey blue in the curtain pops out to captivate while the television unit is created to be an art piece. Grey wall panel that is classically molded sets out a different perception in the dining area.. Pooja delineates to enthrall with upcycled ‘savan’(sewan) wood. Carved out sitting space from the storage invites a person to relish, in a family sitting area.

The project unveils individualistic expressions proceeding towards the bedrooms. The arches in the master bedroom serve to depict volumetric playfulness. Wooden fluted belt is a stunner along the earthy muted tones, while the leather upholstered wardrobe doesn’t fail to allure. The second bedroom that of the son, has its unique window sitting within the bold yet snuggly grey hues. Lastly, having a pastel colour pop enchants with the wood and the oceanic blue is refreshing enough to invite a guest. Hence, the guest room is different, yet similar as it is adorned with the identical intrinsic details in the furniture. 

Consequently, the spaces talk of the same language that revolves around the subtleness and ease, where evenness follows the alignments and completions are statement. From tiny subjects to large furniture pieces, the harmony is designed to be unimpaired. Minimal yet modern handcrafted furniture pieces are the charm of the spaces. Catering to one’s unique requirements but also bringing coherence was a challenge that turned into an achievement. Delightfully, a family tree cherishing jointly.  

  • Photograph Credits : Depictions by Prachi khasgiwala
  • Styling Credits :  Uplifting depictions
  • Content Credits :  Jemisha Dungrani


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