Artist, Biplab Biswas : “His art is an amalgamation of Rustic Charm, Spiritual Conquests & Divine Love.”

Source: Housethome

Biplab Biswas was born in 1957 in a small village called Bharatpur near Kolkata. Trained at the University of Calcutta and Rabindra Bharati University, his mastery of different styles of art such as woodcut, linocut and etching showcase his versatility as an artist.

A recurring motif in Biswas’ work is the portrayal of Krishna, through whom the artist conveys concepts such as beauty, divinity, love and spirituality. Biswas is also skilled in the use of line and colour, which breathe life into his figures. His art is the portrayal of the divine and beauty, an amalgamation of rustic charm, of spiritual conquests and divine love, which when given color, break suddenly to the surface of the white canvas. Biplab it seems draws, as if in a trance as his figures are breathtakingly life-like, yet the strokes move out of the physical into the ether of the canvas like lightning bolts.

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