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At home with Sophie Choudry : “Filmfare Exclusive”

Source: film fare

Visiting the beautiful and luxurious casa de Sophie Choudry, we find out what the lovely lady does on her day off work. Her comfortable living room, ornamented galleries and most of all her decorated bedroom, we take a sneak peek into Sophie’s life. From her gigantic shoe collection to how she keeps her stylish wardrobe, you are in for a ride as Sophie spills some secrets in this Inside Access tour of her lovely house in Mumbai. The place where you are the most comfortable being yourself, where you weave the most cherished memories and plan a life ahead, your home is where your heart lies. Celebrities spend hours trotting the globe, playing different characters and meeting new people almost every day, but it is only their home where they can entirely be themselves. Giving you a glimpse of their life off-duty, Filmfare is here to take you on tour inside celebrity houses with Inside Access.



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