Bangalore : A Cosy, 922 sqft, Pet friendly, Home, by Concepto Studio

Source: Housethome

The client came to us with a very specific requirement of having his entire house pet friendly and keeping it simple, so we immediately came up with idea of keeping it minimalistic and playing with the basic colour palette of black and white with a tinch of gold to add luxury to the entire space. The apartment is on the 10th floor which opens up to a view of a lovely landscape of man made forest and the bay window in each bedroom was absolutely perfect by all means. It brought in a lot of natural light and fresh breeze from those trees. Which we wanted use it as an element into the space.

Master Bedroom:
Looking at the size of Bedroom & Adding all the elements & requirements of the client was a task, so we decided to flow white as a mainstream & a tinch of Gold to balance & enhance & yet keep a sophisticated look and most of all the comfort to this bedroom.

Here we wanted to break the monotony of black and white instead we choose to do a pop of colour which will zing along with the rest of the theme, after all good food should come from a cook who enjoys cooking from this very space. We also did not wanted the pets to enter the cooking space so we added a dutch door into the kitchen.

Study Room – Pets Room
The room was decided purely for Pets & owners to have their time. So that they play and have fun in this space. Created a Loft room space & a sliding ladder for pets to travel by them self to there adobe &
utilise the space.” shares Design Firm, Concepto Studio, with the Housethome Team.

Design Firm : Concepto Studio

Text Credits : Annie licy
Photo Credits : Nayan Soni



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