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A gallerist and an economist walked into an art gallery opening. The paintings on display featured the rape of dismembered corpses. The economist was horrified, but the gallerist said the work was good and the artist had a promising career. The gallerist was right. The artist is now a hot, emerging artist whose work sells for tens of thousands of dollars.

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Just bought expensive painting for your home, inherited some antique treasures or been gifted a valuable sculpture? With every acquisition comes a risk. In case of your artwork, the risk lies in damage, theft, natural disaster or even terrorism. In such situations, insuring your art is one smart decision to take especially for those collectors who look up to art as long term investment.

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Chennai is one of India’s preferred destinations for cultural tourism and boasts a great tradition and patronage for the performing arts. However, while art forms of all kinds have flourished and been appreciated historically in this city, recent years have seen Chennai take to another relatively modern form of art appreciation through the setting up of several new art galleries.

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Looking at aesthetically pleasing art is known to make people feel better. When people look at art, there are a number of different emotions they go through with every artwork – curiosity, peace, delight, pride, excitement. Some may also feel critical or befuddled. But a feeling’s a feeling, good or bad. If you’re an art connoisseur who enjoys discovering emerging artists and admiring well established ones, you must visit the top art galleries in Mumbai.

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Much has been talked about Mumbai’s vibrant art galleries and the thriving art scene in the city. Taking a leaf from its cosmopolitan sister city, Navi Mumbai is also warming up to art connoisseurs to display its colorful side. From sculptures, paintings and graphic modern art, there is a lot to explore at Navi Mumbai’s art galleries.


Red Flags For Buying Art In A Gallery

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Tips on what how to buy art from an art gallery. This is a must to for any collector who is interested in collection art. Dr. Mark Sublette with 25 years of experience in the art world gives you insight to what you need to know before you buy your first piece of art.


Decorating with Art in a Small Apartment

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How amazing is Minted?! They have so many beautiful art and decor pieces on their site designed by independent artists – can’t wait for you to check them out! It’s about time I changed the art and pillows from my winter decor out for a new fresh summer look! Let me know what you guys think! What’s your favorite print?!