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Here are a collection of Top 10 Tanjore painting artists and Art galleries around India. Beauty and Grace overhelm our minds when we happen to see a Tanjore painting. This classical south Indian art brings our opulent past with exquisite life in it. Tanjore painting has a history which dates back to about 1600 AD. Tanjore Painting artist add liveliness through various styles such as Deccani, Vijayanagar, Maratha and even European in their paintings. 

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A hint of colonial influence with a contemporary edge form our charismatic Auroville Rattan Bookshelf. On empty walls, and anywhere books abound, this ensemble will bring timeless character and plenty of storage to the spaces that need it the most. Distinguished by an intriguing interplay of parallel lines, time-honoured cane rattan work and solid hardwood provide a perfect platform for displaying everything from books to framed photos to collected curios.With

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Life’s a party, but most days are pretty ordinary. Don’t wait for special occasions to take out your fancy dinnerware – instead, make every meal memorable. Our dinner plates simple & functional design is easy to coordinate with other colours and shapes – and makes the plates the perfect base for any type of cuisine. Make the most of everyday dining by serving up good food on our timeless dinnerware.

Rekindle that spirit of the Old West with our collection of succulents. These life-giving succulents are accentuated with the ceramic planter they are placed in.

For a lush home with none of the hassle, adding a handful of faux plants and blooms is just the ticket. These succulent’s realistic look includes natural green undertones and textures for decor that is fresh, functional, and full of life!


‘The Face’ Decorative Potted Succulent : Rs. 600.00

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Atom is a table clock by the modern and minimalistic design. Made in beautiful walnut wood, the interior is made in metal and is available in polished brass or steel with graphite finish. A minimal clock, but it will enhance and beautify your environments by always remembering the time. The German UTS mechanism will never lose even a second to this single clock.

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Introduce the Doors of Mystical Copper Bottle to your office space and enjoy the benefits of drinking water from our pure copper water bottle. Known for its antibacterial properties, this is a must have in your home. The design on this copper water bottle features a combination of various kinds of ancient doors in a modern contemporary style. Browse & shop for this range online today.

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If you looking to display Indian culture on the walls of your home, you are at the right place. The Timid Royalty range of designer wallpapers thrive on architectural and floral indulgence, Recurring tiger motifs lends this contemporary wallpaper a subtle but prominent Indian touch. Browse the entire collection of wallpaper designs and buy wallpaper online at India Circus.

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The handcrafted Anjali dhuna in polished brass can be used to stream fragrant aromas around your home by placing charcoal embers and powdered resin in its base. Use as a daily ritual at dawn and dusk. Design: Designed to hold burning charcoal and powdered resins, dispersing aromas through holes in its surface. Celebrating the ancient tradition of using fragrant incense smoke. Craft: Die cut and hammered brass, tell a story of artisanal skill and traditional craft.

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With this easy pull-up, easy pull-down hydraulic mechanism, you can use ALL the space under the bed to store your stuff. The king-sized bed comes with 840 litres of storage, while the queen-sized variant comes with 700 litres. The Bed is with high-strength clamps and joinery techniques specially designed for engineered wood beds. Ergo, no irksome creaks – and you can sleep like a baby, well into adulthood!