Mumbai : “The Brick House” by Design Firm, Vivid Design

Source: Housethome

This house was designed for a couple who was excited to use bricks in the house. As a result, during the design process, we incorporated bricks as the main feature wall in the living space. The brick wall creates the perfect light, bright statement plus, the Canvas Artwork pops against the white brick.

We have used Teal blue for upholstery to set the Living Room very fresh, airy & neutral also we have used wooden coffee table with metal legs from @the_metalstory & furniture which helps to add warmth & naturalness to it. The classic wooden rafters highlights the ceiling.

An opening in the wall of the dining area was made to create a pass-through window for handling dishes in and out of the kitchen. The pass-through teal blue window acts as a backdrop for the dining table with beautiful decorative light over it. The coffee bar was incorporated because our client loves coffee.

The brief given by our clients was to design a nursery that steps away from societal norms of what a baby girl or boy’s nursery should be breaking down those stereotypical ideas that generally apply when creating a boy’s vs girl’s room. So we decided on the monochrome colour palette for the nursery. The best way we thought to decorate this nursery was by injecting vibes into the room with accessories like mirrors, stuffed animals, prints, play rugs, and animal posters.

When it comes to classic colour schemes, it doesn’t get any better than black and white. Patterned flooring, panda tiles, and brass fixtures inject personality into this black and white bathroom.” shares Design Firm, Vivid Designs
Photo Credits : The Endless Forms



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