“Naked”: A 1,000 sqft, Mumbai Bachelor Pad, by Design Firm, Muse Lab.

Source: Housethome

Naked is a small 1000 sft studio for a bachelor that is undraped, undisguised and unexaggerated. The client’s bold vision and unconventional brief required us to think of an open plan with no walls and no doors akin to Philip Johnson’s Glass house. Here we combined two 1 BR units and demolished all walls to create one contiguous space sprinkled with the bare minimum furniture to create a galerie de sculptures with no patterns or colours” shares Design Firm, Muselab @muse.lab, with the #Housethome Team.

This particular project is extremely special for us as we are rarely presented with such bold briefs and bold clients. The process and our response to the programmatic requirement warrants us to focus on nothingness, on the essential elements. It made us think laterally; we had to de-clutter not only the space, but also our minds to design for what one needs and not what one wants. And before we go on and on, the home says “I want you to see me ‘naked’, unapologetic, gritty but honest.” further shares the Design Firm.
Design Firm : Muse Lab
? Credits : Sameer Tawde



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