The elegant 2,900 Sqft, 4bhk Keystone Skyvillas, Vadodara by Crossboundaries Studio

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A show-flat could possibly become an interior designer’s dream project! Elements, spaces, materials can be used in most thrilling and attractive ways, to showcase an aspirational lifestyle, sans constraints and conditions. The Crossboundaries Studio has put together an exciting new show-flat at Keystone Skyvillas in Vadodara, which truly exhibits the many ways in which the apartment can become a home.

The 4BHK apartment is a 2900 sq.ft opportunity to explore and showcase different moods, materials and memorable moments. Driven by this impetus, The Crossboundaries created glamorous and memorable spaces, in whites, greys and warm browns, for visitors to view and relate to.

The entrance foyer and living area is seamlessly rendered in grey panelling in precise vertical grooves and pristine white ceiling. Within this immaculate setting of whites and greys, a deeper texture in monochromes was added through a series of framed artwork made of crinkled plaster of Paris.

A powder toilet and comfortable guest bedroom are adjacent to the entrance vestibule. The guest bedroom is an extension of tranquil greys, offset by a refreshing mint-green wall and breezy curtains, bathed in ample natural light. Ample open and concealed storage is provided to satisfy various functionalities. Above the bed, a circular artwork composed of  layered MDF cut in abstract profiles, lends a sense of continuity, and is seen in different forms across the house.

The formal living and informal family area essentially exemplify two ways of treating the large common space, using different colors and textures and seating options. Comfortable accent chairs and a woven rug from IKEA on the polished beige-grey Italian marble invite one to spend time at ease.

A signature touch by The Crossboundaries, a sculpture representing intense verticality with a stunning split in its body sits gracefully in the corner of the living area. Complementing this artwork, elements like the backlit TV unit appear to be floating, giving a sense of lightness to the space. A pair of linear profile LED lights run across the ceiling, creating a sense of extended linearity and depth. Clusters of indoor plants, alive in their freshness against long windows, are peppered across the living area, creating picture-worthy frames! The sense of lightness and airiness traverses into the open-plan dining and kitchen area, in essential whites and demure greys. The dining area is displayed as a flexible family space, with a clutter-free layout and clean finishes such as the polished wooden dining table-top.

Over the dining table, a row of hanging pendant lights in copper toned glass   in gleam gently over matt surfaces. The kitchen is exhibited as modern and easy to maintain, in effortless whites and underlined by greys. The attached terrace, partly hidden by white sheer curtains, opens out to become a great outdoor space for gatherings.

Moving further, the three individual bed spaces are furnished with distinct materials and elements, showing different approaches of use, as per the occupant’s choices. The bedroom adjacent to the dining area is an exploration of wickerwork and warm tones. A consolidated wardrobe in wood and cane extends into a beautiful study table and wooden shelving, through a beautiful composition of curved edges and soft lines. This bed space exudes a mature warmth, affirmed by the custom-designed bed and headboard. The bed appears to be floating, similar to the backlit circular artwork hung on the headboard which is finished in wooden strips. A window next to the bed overlooks the terrace and greens, allowing in natural light which casts a mellow glow in the space.

Another bedroom with an attached balcony is treated in luxurious tones of wooden veneers and rich leather. The custom-designed leather bed back is strapped on to a rod, and tucked into a niche painted powder-blue. A pair of abstract artworks in opaque white above the bed back bring a sense of balance, and complement the translucent fluted glass wardrobes. Thin and lightweight metal rods and wooden shelves together create a functional composition as a TV unit and corner storage console. The attached bathroom with matt black fittings, is highlighted with an electric blue tiled wall. The full-height rectangular mirrors with rounded edges give a new-age, youthful look and feel, sure to be remembered!

The third bedroom is a display of an alternate layout of arranging storage and sleeping space. The room is bathed in shades of greys and muted white, arranged in grids of several sizes and scales. Open storage and display shelves in white complement the bed headboard, essentially a grey panel of grooves in a grid. Handpicked curios and greens in niches and display shelves show the ways in which a liveable home can be put together. Moreover, a simple system of profile LED lighting along the ceiling edge is a continuation of the lighting system from the main living areas.

With all these diverse elements, the Keystone sky villas show flat not only illustrates a sophisticated and aspirational lifestyle, but also ways of using the best design ideas to create a home.

Project name : Show Flat for Keystone Skyvillas

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Client: Vihav Group

Design Team: Forum Jariwala, Rishabh Prajapati, Vijay Dabhi, Neel Patel, Riya Patel, Shailesh Boghani & Harsh Boghani

Photography: Vinay Panjwani

Text: Niharika Joshi



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