THE HOUSE OF DETAILS, APARTMENT 27 : by Ameliorate Design Studio

Source: Housethome

Crafted with elegance & exuding luxury in each detail. A family which is well renowned and reputed, wanted us to help them start their new journey in their massive 3,000 sqft 5-bedroom apartment in Thane, Mumbai. As social members of the society and active participants in social events and gatherings, the Home Owners wanted their home to depict “luxury and sophistication”.

Luxury is not a matter of property. It’s actually more of a state of mind, a philosophy of living the best life available. The size doesn’t matter, but the sense of style does. The challenge is a high-end interior design must be well-executed and emphasized on the quality. At the same time, it shouldn’t’ stray far from the family’s authentic personality.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, your home’s first look, the entrance, should be spectacular! This stylish and yet strategic entrance which has beautiful plants smartly covers the shoe rack below.

The biggest and the most important space for the family, it had to be a masterpiece. The devil is in details, and each element had to be curated with care, starting with a layout that is functional as much as aesthetical and cultural. For a luxury living room design, we chose larger pieces that proportionately fill the space. Finally, the right selection of finishing materials and refined decor further enhanced the composition.

In the end, comfort and sustainability is the key for a successful home design. Our interior design style implies on comfort rather than sharp coldness; therefore, there is an intimate furniture arrangement. Gorgeous sofas with the eye-catching gold frames on the long sofa wall and stylish chairs to inspire social interaction keeping in mind the client’s needs. Distinctive items certainly have lasting value, bear more elegance, and fill the space appropriately.

The strategy behind having a mirror wall behind the dining is to reflect the grand main door, the main source of inspiration. And the focal point of the living room; the fluting on the marble of the tv unit wall which is made with true craftmanship. The design of the main door arch is then iterated throughout the home as a motif.

We created a garden like flooring pattern by using kota stone and grass in this massive balcony with cozy seating, to enjoy the view while having your evening tea.

As the theme suggests luxury, we used textures to add warmth and elegance to the bedrooms, black mirrors that frame the bed to add some glam factor. Also, can’t not mention the eye-catching headboard.

For the master bedroom suite, in the tv area, we incorporated splashes of our client’s favorite teal color whilst keeping the rest of the space subtle and airy. Creating a sliding partition between the tv and the bedroom area, the sliding wooden door which itself is a major design element in the room, the pattern created by the sliding door is seen on the beautifully handcrafted bed wall with wooden moldings and black mirrors details that add the drama and gives a good definition to the eye-catching cushioned headboard, pattern is also seen in the balcony flooring that incorporates a low cozy seating, for the coupe to enjoy the sunset.

Luxury interior design style requires brings glitz and glamour. The mirror details creates a unique pattern on the bed wall which perfectly reflects the evening sun and emphasizes the room’s appeal. Keeping the sophistication alive, the mute and paste hues streams throughout the room and allows the mirror to jazz up the overall room dynamic.

The head of the family’s room, their only requirement was to have a room full of light and air with their convince. By playing with lights and textures, we created a unique feature of the back-bed wall and made it a stunning focal point. In minimalist spaces, one or two such statement pieces did magic.

Coming to the last and most loved room the house. With the growing need of working from home having a dedicated study space was a must for our entrepreneurial client. Making the most of the west facing windows we strategically designed the stunning bronze mirror detailed with wooden pattis wardrobe, to reflect the sunlight and enhance finely chosen textures and design elements in the room.

Designed by : Ameliorate Design Studio
Lead Contractor : Shoeb Contractor
Lead Designer : Zehra Contractor
Photo Credits : Bizou
Styling Credits : Shraddha Nayak