The Housethome Curated Art Series : “Our Thangka Series, from Nepal”.

Source: Housethome

The word ‘Thangka’, means ‘that which can be rolled up’, as it was a scroll in form, which could be easily carried by itinerant monks and used as a teaching tool or to give a sense of protection to the traveler. To this day Buddhist Lamas use these scroll artworks in their ceremonies. They are to be found in shrine rooms and temples as a focus for devotional practice of meditation or in people’s home to ward off misfortune.

The literal translation of the Tibetan word THAN KA means ‘recorded message’. Thangkas communicate a message to the practitioner, serving as an aid to teaching and as an aid to meditation through the visualization of the deity. It is a medium through which the Buddhist philosophy can be explained. 

What do Thangkas signify & teach ?

On a deeper level thangka paintings can be seen as a visual expression of the highest state of consciousness, which is the ultimate goal of the Buddhist spiritual path. This is why a thangka is sometimes called a ‘roadmap to enlightenment’, as it shows you the way to this fully awakened state of enlightenment. 

Ultimately, the goal of the Buddhist is to escape samsara, the cycle of life, death, and rebirth and to put an end to suffering forever by entering the blissful state called nirvana, which exists beyond the physical plane.  The function of thangkas is to move practitioners toward a more divine relationship with the world that ultimately will lead to the transcendence of earthly things.

Therefore, the paintings are used to help guide the viewer toward spiritual liberation by providing reflections on the nature of reality and visions into what is yet to come.  The thangka is viewed not as just an ordinary image but as an evocation. The primary intent is to help both the artist and the viewer reach nirvana through intense meditation. Consequently, the efforts or actions (karma) of the artist are transferred to the viewer.  By meditating on these icons, it is possible to elevate one’s self to a higher level of consciousness.

How are Thangkas made ?

Traditionally, Thangka’s are painted by using powdered natural pigment made from ground stones and resins from boiled leaves. This is then mixed with water and Yak skin gum to give the paint a permanent finish. The medium is then applied with a fine brush (sometimes with as little as 3 hairs) to a canvas that has been carefully stretched. The stretching is done by attaching the four sides of the canvas by twine to four strips of wood, which in turn are tied to a frame. The front and back of the canvas are then treated in various ways to create a smooth effect, using a glue which is applied first, followed by the application of a mixture of rice flour and plaster. The surface is then smoothed off to make it ready for the initial sketching. After a few days the surface is capable of taking the finest detail.

Why sources these Stunning Art Works from Housethome?

Housethome is your one-stop shop for the very finest, and authentic, extremely high quality, original ‘Thangka Paintings’ from Nepal. Our Team at Housethome has curated by far some of the very finest & stunning, Thangkas you will ever find, at the most reasonable price you can source. 

Working with Nepalese artists for a long period, Housethome has developed close relationships with them, and has built a reputation as a fair-trade business that cares about the artists. Working with over 25 extremely experienced artist & their team with experience in Thangka art ranging to upto even 42 years, we ensure they are treated fairly and give them the pay and quality of life they deserve. Our products are perfect for people who enjoy Buddhism teaching and spirituality. Whether you’re looking to decorate your meditation room with authentic handmade paintings, or like us, you have a deep-rooted appreciation for this form of Art, we’ve got just what you need to satisfy your needs. 

When you buy any of these stunning, high quality, authentic Thangkas, you’re not only getting high quality products that look great, but you’re also buying more than just art, you’re showing appreciation and kindness towards the artist that made it.

I love these!! So, where can I showcase this lovely Art Work?

Well, there are several ways you can display these stunning art works. At Home, at your main entrance, living room, study room, above your desk, in your meditation room, in your prayer room, in your bedroom, even in your office (you could even do a collection of 4-5 in a single frame, or multiple frames, that will really stand out), or even on your desk as a work of art to admire daily and bring you good luck & blessings. Large custom size Mandalas can also be made upto 7 feet too can be made to order and showcased in your living room. That will be a stunner and a conversation piece. 

You can hang or frame the Thangka as per your wish and taste. We can advise you on some interesting framing ideas, else these can also be hung on the walls, without any frame as is usually done. Kindly pl allow 4 weeks for delivery once the order is placed for this process to be completed.

What happens once I place an Order with the Housethome Team?

We work with the Artists back in Nepal, and each of the Thangkas are custom made for you. Once completed, the same are blessed by the local priest for good blessings and couriered to us. We complete a Quality inspection of the Art work once we receive it and ensure all if fine and perfect, and then ship it to you in a rolled format.

For enquires of Interest in these stunning art works, kindly email us at or contact us on 9118115511.



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